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Business Activity | Increase the visibility of your Business blog [Updated/April]


Changes are always necessary for the achievement of objectives and as part of the change in improvement and support, the Curation Teams are currently counted, they have been activated in the year 2022; There are many who support quality and exclusive content of steemit, in this community specifically there is a healing team that has supported and continues to support assigned with SC05 with the name "Quality Control" there are 7 steemians with the commitment in this assignment of great relevance that support compliance with the rules on the subject of finance and technology.

It is worth mentioning that the Business Activity Community has its content guidelines and within those rules you can share:

- Finance.
- Technology
- Business.
- Cryptocurrencies.
- Related topics in relation to the aforementioned.

Making a very explicit emphasis, in that the community is purely business and corresponds to a content that supports what it requests, therefore each blog must meet the requested standards in quality, exclusivity and originality, with what in terms of work in all its operation and relationship, manages a businessman, entrepreneur and promoter of finances and in general, the changing world of business added to the technology and advances that it encompasses.

Rules to follow for selection

Business Activity. The Business Activity community has default tags for the publications, which are: #businessactivity #steemexclusive the country where you are is optional #country, in the same way it is an important part because it exposes where the investor member is from.

These are mandatory for each community post, regardless of the content.

Curation Teams

For the month of April there is a curator team on this topic which has specifications on the tags that should be used according to the content on the blog:

- #fintech. This tag is the main search tag and must go in all publications.

Important note. The tag mentioned as mandatory must be placed within the first three tags.

Tag according to content.

- #finance, #business, #cryptography, #science, #technology, #computing. They are tags that are related to the topics that are shared in the different categories and that are important for the relevance of the sample on the blog.


Criteria for selection

Everything has a why and what for, that is why good content is required, excellence must prevail and rules must be followed.

- Support the article at least with a minimum of 300 words, and in its increase the interest is greater.
- Good spelling and structure. It is essential to evaluate the blog in its entire structure.
- Must be in compliance with the club: 5050/75/100.
- Use of original images and mandatory in those that are not of authorship, the source of origin.
- Payment is not allowed.

For more information about the current curation team rules, you can visit this post:


The votes in favor of the publications contribute to an increase in profits and in favor of growth. For this it is imperative to follow the rules so that as steemians you have the opportunity to be selected.

Good content confirms the understanding of the rules and external and internal requests, the challenge is to make it possible and think big.

Each investor member is encouraged to commit to steem Blockchain in every challenge proposed and with which greater and better results are achieved.

Each blog in the community must comply with the mandatory requests, in labels and general information that is made known through each announcement and suggestions, in addition to the use of tag and compliance with the requests of the finance and technology curators, will have a support support in the publications that complies with the rules and the corresponding topic for each information in endorsed support.



Do you want to join Steem Business Activity?

Please read the Introduction of our community:
Welcome to Steem Business Activity | General Rules

Join the Business Activity community - Discord: oscarcc89#4887


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