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TULIP Mania Game - Buy TULIPS and Watch Them Bloom!

Well, that didn't exactly go as planned, did it? Very little interest in the Dutch auction and only a few have noticed that the TULIP token price is at its starting level! So, in adversity, a new metaphor dawned on me...

Buy TULIPS and Watch Them Bloom!

These TULIPS Will Flower in 28 Days,


Buy and Sell Them at Any Time!

With real TULIPS, you can buy them at the cheapest possible price as bulbs and then watch them grow and eventually bloom.

TULIP tokens are similar in that you buy them cheaply at the start (or get them for free) and the STEEM is used to generate income very quickly so that after 28 days all the monies are paid out to the players still with tokens at the end.

However, this simple investment is turned into a game so that everyone can also buy and sell their TULIPS during the growing period. You can wait till the end and collect the full bloom, or you can sell some of them half-way through to use the profits elsewhere; just like buying and selling plants at different stages of growth.

New players may even come in later in the game and see a buying opportunity that will yield a profit a few days later from someone who just wishes to cash out.

The game platform means every player can decide what best to do, without having to wait till the end and without having to take funds out in the middle of their growth.

So that's it!

Buy TULIPs and watch them bloom!

Now why didn't I think of that a few days ago?

Actually, I know why: the tulips were symbols for testing out a Dutch auction.

But they're not; TULIPS are symbols of growth! A dash of colour after a long dark winter.

Live and learn.

Now would you like to buy some TULIPs?

Please read the articles below as they give a longer and more technical view of the trading game.

Alternatively, worth looking at either ONECENT as they are on-going games started some days ago.

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