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The TULIP Mania Token Game: What is it?

I continue to get questions asking what TULIP tokens are actually for? I get the same questions regarding @ONECENT and @ADDAX, so am getting used to them.

I wrote a lengthy post entitled The TULIP Mania Game - Rules and Guidelines - 8 August 2019 and a supplement called TULIP Game Report - Don't HODL The TULIPS - Day 3. There are a few changes for this Round 2, but the fundamental concept remains the same.

The TULIP token is a game token; it allows players to participate in the TULIP Mania Game. The game is a strategic trading game; the token prices reflect the underlying TULIP fund during each game.

How much simpler can I put it?

Those still searching for some tribe or community being supported or some peg to some other volatile asset, are all looking in the wrong place. Think of casino chips and you'll be closer to the mark; except that the value of each chip changes!

The fundamental aim is to create a game that involves trading skills, such as buying and selling, within an environment that is more controlled than trading most other tokens. The volatility within each TULIP game is quite low. This means that just buying and holding till the end will be as profitable as the overall fund, but actually trading the price spread can yield much higher returns.

Think of a trading simulation but with real money, albeit not so high as to panic over any losses.

So each TULIP token is traded against the overall value of the TULIP fund and against the other players. At the end of the game, we have always made a decent profit, which means so should the players, but there is always the chance of a small loss if not paying full attention.

So... game on tomorrow!

See you on the TULIP market for the starting Dutch auction at 02:00 UTC on Friday 18 October. This auction will last most of the day, so everyone has a chance to participate live or to leave some open buy orders.

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