Steem experiment: Burn post #521

Burn post for December 15. Rules and update

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04.01.2020 02:04

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04.01.2020 02:04

Rewards from this comment #3 will be added to the post rewards for burning

04.01.2020 02:04

Rewards from this comment #4 will be added to the post rewards for burning

04.01.2020 02:05

04.01.2020 12:57

top 2 trending posts are burn posts. This is terrible for people to see if they are looking at STEEM to join or invest, All we need is a few more Mr. Potato Head posts in the next few trending slots and we'll really be in trouble.

04.01.2020 14:30

Personally I would rather invest in something with lower inflation (i.e. rewards being burned). I see burnposts (and arguably potato posts) being popular, compared to how rewards have been distributed previously, as positive for Steem as an investment.

I agree it isn't great as an advertisement of content. We probably need a better, perhaps manually curated, landing page, with something like the Trending repurposed as a leaderboard-type page.

05.01.2020 00:14

mr. smooth , on the next hardfork why can't the burn be automatically be built into the rewards payout. What I mean is there is currently the choice to recieve 100% STEEMpower or 50% SBD / 50% STEEMpower. Why not change the options to receive 95% STEEMpower (or another percentage) and 5% automatically gets burned. This would apply to every post therefore reducing or eliminating the need for burn posts. I really have no idea how the SBD peg works or why it's broken but perhaps there could be a way to also distribute the SBD reward option to be Mr. Potatofied aka sent to the internal market and changed to STEEM etc. Can't these 2 activities be built right in and automated directly into every post payout? If anyone does not like the rewards burn they are not forced to post here and there are bills to pay. I'd rather that option than see burn posts and a bunch of Mr. potato heads on trending. These votes should all be going to new members , minnows and consistent quality content posters. These current actions are artificial and are just band aids on a much bigger problem. In addition the optics of these posts cluttering the trending page is not pretty. We need more organic interaction or this is all being done in vein.

05.01.2020 00:57

Anyone can do this now using the beneficiaries feature.

For example, @steemitblog makes their posts with 50% going to burn (@null) and 50% going to SPS funding (@steem.dao). I'm sure they get more votes as a result (I know I vote for their posts and wouldn't otherwise).

There is no reason other people can't make better, more appealing burn posts than mine or potato.

05.01.2020 01:03

yes, I see you can Manually set those rewards to the beneficiaries but my thoughts are to make that automatic by default. So every person posting will have an agreed upon % of rewards sent to "null". We are currently discussing creating more "compelling" burn posts. I appreciate you discussing this and I have a better understanding of the situation and reasoning behind these posts.I'm hoping for a recovery of the economics. Perhaps the SMT's and communities will arrive just in time to turn this around.

05.01.2020 01:13

Sure, there is definitely a lot of richness missing from the user experience, including ability to have defaults on things like beneficiaries. Hopefully over time that can be improved.

05.01.2020 07:31

Maybe some of the orcas who can guarantee to get big votes could burn more rewards. Making a little less on some posts would not really harm them. I am trying to get more powered up so I can do more good, but I don't make that much. I do agree with @epic-fail that all these posts on trending is not ideal, but given the lack of visibility Steem has it may not be the end of the world. Just need some quality posts above them. There's plenty of good stuff that makes peanuts.

05.01.2020 18:04

It is pathetic.

05.01.2020 14:15

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04.01.2020 19:14

Hey what are you doing? If you have so many then give it to me :( I need them

04.01.2020 19:22

This isn't about what anyone has. It is about the distribution of new rewards being voted for one purpose (in this case burning) vs another (distributing, which increases inflation and selling pressure).

05.01.2020 00:12

Hallo... please follow me

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05.01.2020 15:52

Thanks for the post.

07.01.2020 08:00