My INTRODUCTION post to steemit by @Bunkem mentored by @cryptokannon



Hi.Am Faith.Am happy to be in this platform.
I am 20 years old.Am the last child of my parents.i hailed from onicha in Ezinihitte mbaise in imo state in Nigeria.And i based in Aba in Abia state in Nigeria.Am a student.

My hobbies:i love reading,writing,eating nd singing.
My likes:i love discipline,humility,straightforwardness,obedient.

My dislikes:i hate lies,pride,disobedience nd arrogance.
I can be fun nd loving only if u have patient me.



My family
I have 2 siblings(a boy nd a girl) including my sweet dad love me so much which got me this name DADDY'S GIRL.
Although I lost my mom at a very tender age,her memories will forever remain with me.
My dad trained i nd my siblings single handedly without marrying any other woman.He always assured us that any level we want to reach in this life,with God on his side he will make it family is the one of the happiest family i have ever known nd i know that wherever mom is she will be very proud of us

I really love leArning new tthings,i was introduced by signed up by @solar-star ,she really explanied stuffs to me and i was happy

This is my entry to @achievement1

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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
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16.05.2021 16:41

Welcome to this wonderful platform @bunkem ,I'm really happy seeing you today ,you will really benefit from this ,you can follow @steemitblog for more updates and participate in @thediarygame ,for more engagement..

Welcome once again 😊🤗

16.05.2021 17:01

Thanks so much.
U re loved

16.05.2021 17:03

You are welcome to steemit dear you will enjoy your stay in steemit 😋 enjoy and steem on and hot 🚀

16.05.2021 18:12

Thanks henryug
U re loved

16.05.2021 18:51

U are welcome dear,u will enjoy ur stay on steemit.

Let's steem on

17.05.2021 06:17

Thanks ebusneh
U re loved

17.05.2021 21:33

Hello @bunkem,

Welcome to the blockchain, i am a greeter from the Ghanaian Community. You may find the various achievement tasks here.

Your achievement task has been verified. You may proceed to task 2. Enjoy your stay.

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@nattybongo, CR-Ghana

17.05.2021 23:03

Ok dear
I really appreciate

18.05.2021 06:00