There are systemic problems with policing, but also a hagiography of people who commit gun crimes and violence against women.


The inability of the general public to compose or understand nuanced narratives drives me nuts. From reading most folk's comments, our choices are either "Daunte Wright was a great human" or "Daunte Wright was a criminal who deserved to have his life snuffed out".

Daunte Wright enjoyed hurting women. He committed multiple gun-crimes, and was a threat to the human beings (especially the women) around him.

He was also an American citizen who had Constitutional rights, including the right to not be executed on the spot by an incompetent cop.

There's room to tell that story (and all stories) as wholly as we can.

Daunte Wright needed to be in prison for the safety of his community.

So does the cop that killed him.

Be aware that he had already been arrested and bonded out on the armed robbery incident.

This incident documented below is what his outstanding warrant was for.

The police have the right and duty to arrest people who commit gun-crimes. They do not have the right to kill them in the process (other than in self-defense).

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