Leans Libertarian but butchers the ideology.



Edward Griffin has done more damage to the public/private sector divide in the liberty community than most know. Him wrongly calling central banks “private” and acting like central banks aren’t public is the worst socialist deception known to wise and factual libertarians like myself today.

Central banks are public, not private. Heck what we want is to privatize all banks and get govt out of the way and to stop playing favorites and bailing out companies and stop extended immunity and regulatory capture. This doesn’t stop at the Federal Reserve. It should be abolished as should all public/central banks the globe over, not because they are private (they aren’t), but just the opposite, because they are a part of the involuntary sector, the public sector.

The Federal Reserve is most certainly Federal! This whole nonsense book about Jekyl Island nonsense book making central banks out to be “private” is absolute nonsense Edward Griffen. You’re a fool for demonizing private and worshipping public. You’re a fraud to wise libertarians like myself! You’re not fooling me with your bullshit “Federal Reserve isn’t public” nonsense. It’s as public sector/federal as you can get!!!

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