Disarming the world is an attempt to emasculate men and abolish masculinity.


One of the most important things to understand about guns is their masculine nature; weapons are a feature of the natural hunter/gatherer/warrior/knight drive in men.

It corresponds to the trait in men to protect themselves and their loved ones. Women who embrace guns (we know their type) are far from misandrists, they are particularly attractive to men who are secure in their own masculinity.

These women usually love masculinity and know a woman is not complete without a man. The gun, to them, is a great equalizer which enables them to have a man handy in case their own isn't around when they need one. On the other hand, women who hate guns are often misandrists and termagants who prefer emasculated soy boys.

George Gilder makes the point far better than I do in his groundbreaking masterpiece Men & Marriage, but the whole movement to disarm our world is in essence an attempt to emasculate men and abolish masculinity.

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