Estamos buscando Desarrollador.

¿Quieres formar parte de un gran equipo en una conocida empresa de Steem?

¿Puedes codificar y disfrutarlo?

Tines motivacion y muestras iniciativa?

¿Por qué no? Únete a nuestro equipo BuildTeam

Actualmente estamos buscando un desarrollador con las siguientes habilidades y experiencias:

  • Buenos conocimientos de JavaScript
  • Experiencia con React y Vue.js
  • Conocimeinto en "Full-stack developer"
  • Capaz de trabajar solo y en equipo
  • Que puedas comunicarte cuando surjan problemas y estar dispuesto a ayudar a otros

Se le pagará con BUILDTEAM tokens la cual se puede vender o apostar. Los tokens apostados te permitirán recibir una parte de las ganancias de BuildTeam's cada dos semanas.

Nuestro equipo está formado por personas talentosas de todo el mundo, que trabajan en proyectos como TokenBB, DLease, y GINAbot, siempre con el objetivo de mejorar la experiencia de Steem para todos.

¿Estas Interesado?

Puedes contactar a nuestro CEO @thecryptodrive en Discord! (thecryptodrive#8144)

Descubra más contenido impresionante en @BTUniverse

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30.10.2019 16:04

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31.10.2019 07:30

Buscaré dentro de mis estudiantes algún interesado, para que los contacte. Buena vibra.
I will search within my students for some interested, to contact them. Good vibes.

01.11.2019 04:42

Thanks Angelica much appreciated!

01.11.2019 05:54

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01.11.2019 05:17

Resteem para que llegue a otros interesados @buildteam

01.11.2019 23:45

Esta publicación ha sido seleccionada para el reporte de Curación Diaria.

final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

02.11.2019 01:36

Honest questions to see if i endorse and recommend coders to attend this offer:

@ginabot developper @neandersquirrel was living in a truck in winter during the development phase of gina as independant back in 2017

How much did he got for Gina in the end ?

If he well off now and has a decent life?

Also how much a developer that has not created the most useful thing steemit ever has had, can expect on a monthly basis from working for buildteam ?

04.11.2019 22:26

Heya, nnnarvaez developer pay varies across developers, the sad fact is the steem price is very low atm so we recommend to developers to take a long term outlook towards future profits of BuildTeam when the Steem price recovers, more info about our token here

Regarding neandersquirrelm, we didn't actively seek to acquire Gina from him, in passing he told us he was looking at shutting down the services because server costs were killing him, we offered to take over the project and pay for the infra cost and have him become project leader for fixed pay plus bonuses. Unfortunately not much development was done by him due to personal circumstance and him becoming less available and we couldn't offer much bonus as a result.

Each developer can engage us directly and we will tailor remuneration to them on a case by case basis.

06.11.2019 05:33

Ok thanks for your answer.

So you acquired Ginabot for free and fired him

I did not expect less from a steem top witness

I guess he could not take a long term approach waiting for your tokens to be worth something.

06.11.2019 09:16

No one was fired, he became uncontactable, can ask him yourself if you get hold of him, we still pay server costs and have a new developer for GINA, even though GINA is not a revenue producing service, we keep it active as a community service.

Our token doesn't need to have value Steem does, because token holders earns a proportionate share of Steem revenue, however we pay server and infra expenses in USD so low steem price means not much to distribute after expenses.

07.11.2019 04:48

Yes, the reason I asked about him is that he became unreachable and i worry about him.

If GINA have become a burden for you i will be more than happy to recover it and pay for the infrastructure costs.

I hope your developer is been able to fix the excessive calls to nodes and optimize a little the code.

Regarding the way your token is managed and whether it needs to have value or not. It is not really my business, but since steem does not hold value I sincerely doubt the model you are using is sustainable in the long term and that it will serve to attract competent developers.

I must recognize that is a sustainable model when based in a properly managed token/blockchain or in a bull market, in a bear market it needs capital injection and other measures that cost FIAT, but i am sure you know that. And the company made previsions during the last bull for this.

Anyway, thanks for your answer, and hit me on discord if you want to get rid of the costs of that community service.

07.11.2019 08:44