What Will Most People Do When Their World Comes Unglued?

Even though the headlines are all about robots taking der jerbs,
most people have no plans for changing their occupation, learning
new skills, or moving to a location where they can live sustainably.

The crash has already happened.
The train is leaving the rails.
Still, most people haven't thought about the life changing implications.

Here is a short list of things futurists all agree upon.

  • Beginning of an ice-age
  • Failure of crops / farmland.
  • Automation
  • Financial Bubble / Collapse
  • Civil war / Divide of a country

Meaning, we probably won't have a job in the future, and also we are going to be paying more for food.

Most cities will resemble Chicago.

Except for a certain large city in Canada, that will look like an ice prison.

- - - - - - -

So, if you know all this, and are still living in a city, what can you do?

Well, the first thing is to meditate on death.
(no, really, this is a Zen thing to do. Samurai did this meditation every day)

Most people have lived there lives building skills and making connections to get a job, to get a house, to have 2.4 kids... and setting aside all of that is very hard. As hard as staring death in the face.

The pathways in your brain have become entrenched.
The 9-5 slog has become habit.
All your dreams are tied to the repetition.

Breaking free from that is harder than quitting smoking.

Psychology has taught us that the place to start is building new dreams. Thinking about new futures.

Fortunately this is a very slow trainwreck, so we have time to watch each domino fall.

- - - - - - -

Easy escape plan.

Buy cryptos. When bitcoin spikes, trade it for some farm land.
Learn to live minimalistically and grow your own food.

With modern automation, you can get your actual weekly work down to 10 hours.
But, the hours spike during canning season.

Life out in the country is slower and far less stressful.
And pretty much bullet-proof.

Just thinking about the escape plan puts you ahead of most people.
Make a plan and work on changing your life.
The city's days are numbered, and that number is not very large.

Contemplate on a new, better life. A new future.

And if you want pictures of happy children living this life check out @papa-pepper

- - - - - - -
All images in this post are my own original creations.

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16.07.2019 01:55

You've been visited by @minismallholding from Homesteaders Co-op.

Real food for thought. What are your thoughts on those who are building connections and communities in the suburbs?

Homesteaders Co-op

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17.07.2019 04:55

Well, this one really depends on the suburb.

If its in Detroit, well then you have already gotten rid of all the neighbors, and are having to fend for yourself from raiders. It isn't going to get much worse.

If it is in Portland... and you are conservative, or liberal (old liberal, not neo-liberal) as growers of food usually are, then you are going to find yourself on the wrong end of angry crowds. And then angry crowds that are hungry.

The US is going to split up. And so, if you are a conservative hold out in a coastal state, you are going to find yourself surrounded by enemies. (or vice versa

But there are many cities that have a decent water source and local power. That have a rise in employment rate. That have a lot of good people all around. Well then you will probably be all right.

The big thing that is going to change is small community sized power generation. And this might not be doable in suburban areas. Regulations and permitting will not permit you to be self-sufficient. (even solar... read the thing they have you sign before you can install your solar and the one before you can line-tie the solar)

18.07.2019 06:19