US Customs Seizes ... the Tip of the Iceberg!

One of the big headlines this week is $1,000,000,000 of drugs found on a ship owned by J.P.Morgan...

And it is being touted as the biggest drug bust ever.

While most of america believes in the movie version of drugs.
The drug sellers show up with a briefcase of drugs, and the buyers show up with a briefcase of money.

This is about as far from the truth as you can get.

The amount of (illicit) drugs a large city uses is a semi-truck load per DAY.
Not a briefcase.
A big truck, every single day of the week.

And the amount of money being processed and then laundered?
Only the largest banks in the world can handle that kind of money flow.
And, all those banks have been charged, convicted and fined for money laundering drug money.

- - - - - - -

So, what then, is this "war on drugs"?

It is nothing but a facade.
There is a continual flow of drugs.
C-130s flying out of Afghanistan. (which means pilots, ground crew, air traffic controllers... all are in on this drug shipment)
They land in america where the plane is unloaded and the shipment is stored in a warehouse and broken up into shipments. (which means lots of factory workers, lots of guards (probably police) and local officials never looking into said warehouse)
Then they are shipped all over. (which means a lot of trucks that DON'T get stopped and searched going all over, to every major city, where local police and officials turn a blind eye)

This isn't a little group. This is full time work for a LOT of people.
This isn't hidden.
You can't hide something this big.

Thus, the govern-cement is running it, or in on it.

- - - - - - -

If the govern-cement is running it, then what is this "war on drugs"?

What it is, is a plan to terrorize all american people.
At any time, anybody could be stopped and arrested (for planted drugs) or have anything of value confiscated because it might be drug related.

Guilty until proven innocent... a crime against the constitution.

And, the reason stated for the "war on drugs"? That it is to keep people off drugs.

  • Does it work? No.
  • Does it save any lives? Probably not, but we will never know. There has to be a few that got cleaned up due to police scare tactics.
  • Does it cost any lives? Yes. Both in people being sent to jail for a victimless crime AND from people dying of overdoses because you can't call the paramedics (and not go to jail) AND from people dying of bad drugs because there is no one making sure that drugs are clean, no one able to establish a trusted brand.
- - - - - - -

If there is this much structure for transporting / delivering drugs
... what else is being shipped?

Epstein is being found out as just being the tip of the iceberg.

- - - - - - -
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It's very easy, the government has an interest in hight local drug prices. This limits the offer against demand and makes money. While I was in Brazil in jail there was on the Brazilian news that the Argentines didn't want to let an American military airplane take off because of a huge amount of cocaine, not pounds or kilos, tons. Probably in the US, you didn't get the same news about that.

11.07.2019 02:32

Thanks for the real story.
I have heard many rumors of such stories.

It is hard to imagine that my govern-cement is the largest drug dealer.
Even though i can easily see all the dots. Still don't want to believe it.

11.07.2019 02:59

There are stories I can't share, but they are really only the tip of the iceberg. Everywhere are government and there "servants" involved. I think this is also the reason why they are so mad about underground markets. But that's just my guess.

11.07.2019 03:18

The Silk Road prosecution undertaken by the FBI put Ross Ulbrict in prison for life. The government hates competition, and they revealed just how much. Interestingly, some of the FBI guys that participated in the takedown of Ross pocketed a lot of BTC. Some of them actually were convicted and did time for it.

Usually evidence from such sources as crooked FBI agents isn't admissable, but it sure was against Ross Ulbricht.

Drug prohibition is the greatest retirement plan for dirty cops and government officials the world has ever seen IMHO.

12.07.2019 01:05

20 tons of cocaine with a street value of $1.3 billion - but JP Morgan will just be a "blind mule" so no sweat for them...

11.07.2019 09:58

Move along.
Nothing to see here.

11.07.2019 15:02

Maybe JP liked a good snort himself?

JP Morgan was physically large with massive shoulders, piercing eyes and a purple nose, because of a chronic skin disease, rosacea.

His grotesquely deformed nose was due to a disease called rhinophyma, which can result from rosacea. As the deformity worsens, pits, nodules, fissures, lobulations, and pedunculation contort the nose.

Surgeons could have shaved away the rhinophymous growth of sebaceous tissue during Morgan's lifetime, but as a child Morgan suffered from infantile seizures, and it is suspected that he did not seek surgery for his nose because he feared the seizures would return. His social and professional self-confidence were too well established to be undermined by this affliction. It appeared as if he dared people to meet him squarely and not shrink from the sight, asserting the force of his character over the ugliness of his face.

He was known to dislike publicity and hated being photographed; as a result of his self-consciousness of his rosacea, all of his professional portraits were retouched. Morgan smoked dozens of cigars per day and favored large Havana cigars dubbed Hercules' Clubs by observers.

11.07.2019 10:08

Now, this is a good theory.
With a shnoz like that and a line of cocaine like this... one might say they go together perfectly.

There are also theories that this thing in the photos was only one persona. And that he was using a fake nose so no one would recognize him as his arch enemy.

11.07.2019 15:01

11.07.2019 20:13

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I have very few remaining friends still posting on Steemit, but I still keep having these random hopes that the good old days could somehow be revived.

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11.07.2019 21:36

I will try for you.
i am just very slow to adopt.
Learning curves are terrifying for me at the beginning.

11.07.2019 21:58

Palnet and neoxian are good communities.
Worth the effort to use their hashtags, imo.

12.07.2019 05:32

"...the amount of money being processed and then laundered?
Only the largest banks in the world can handle that kind of money flow."

Most people never realize this, because the enemedia doesn't tell them. Most people have never heard of Gary Webb either, for the same reason. I found it very odd that Webb shot himself twice in the head with a shotgun when he reportedly committed Arkancide.

Almost no one knows now about the 60 Minutes segment produced in the 1980s in which the DEA accused the CIA of importing tons of cocaine into the country, even though it aired on TV. The DEA were pissed off that one of their agents, Enrique 'Kiki' Camarena, had been tortured to death when he stumbled on to a CIA drug smuggling operation.

The CIA's original ambit was heroin, and it has kept that geas undertaken since, for most of a century now. I don't think their little local cousins, the FBI, hasn't had it's hands in that cookie jar either. We know innumerable state, regional, and local cops have, because there's hundreds of convicted drug dealing cops right now.

Also, another reason for prohibition is to enable the PIC (Penal Industrial Complex) to be used to eliminate competition. I'm actually shocked JPM shipments were involved in this seizure. Must be a rogue somewhere in the law enforcement community. I expect heads to roll, because JPM investors like their money, and this is costing them some the loss of which is not insured against.


12.07.2019 01:01

This is also the reason to laugh when they said "bitcoin is used by drug dealers".

Bitch please... excuse me, i must be proper, presstitute, if that kind of money was in bitcoin, we would be talking about how bitcoin would pull back to $10,000,000.

12.07.2019 01:58