Thinking Upon Alien Abductions?


What if?

What if space aliens really exist, but they are not responsible for abductions?


Space aliens are real?

Yes. There has been enough UFO sightings and stories of alien encounters, both new and ancient, that we should not be surprised when some alien race openly shows up and says, "Hi".

And lets say that the aliens are more advanced in technology than us. Pretty easy to assume since they travelled all the way here, and we haven't even left the solar system yet.

Then lets say that they can do things like take your vital-signs from orbit.
If they can do so, then why would the risk coming down to earth to do anal probes?

And if they aren't doing the abductions, then who is?

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Do we know any organization on earth that loves secrecy and doing things in the dark?

An organization that builds Deep Underground Military Bases?

That has an operating flying saucer program?

That has done its best to cover up every real story of alien encounters?

Such a group would probably not think twice about abducting cattle... i mean people.

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