OpenLedger Shut Down All Access to BitShares.

Because of CryptoBridge closing down
OpenLedger has shut down their gateway until the 15th of December.

Which means most of BitShares is shut down.
Sure, you can trade inside, but if you can't get anything in or out, its pretty useless.

You can still withdraw to STEEM, as RUDEX is still functioning
but there is very few on-ramps or off-ramps left.

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We regret to inform you that our dex isn't really a dex at all.

03.12.2019 05:43

Well, at least it great during the $10 SBD hay-day.
But now, Rest in Piece. (single piece, not much of a dex, as you say)

03.12.2019 05:59

Wait so bitshares is dead dead or it is recovering from an injury?

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03.12.2019 09:19

There are two other bridges for BTC... but i do not recognize their names.

But, basically, Wallymart and Amazon just stopped selling stuff.

For most of the coins, that was it.
OpenLedger sorta said they would be back?

03.12.2019 14:36