Independence Day ?

Was there really an independence day? Did we, americans get our independence?

Or, were we sold up the river by the crown in exchange for someone else promising that they would make us pay?

Everyone points to the Declaration of Independence as a holy document... and, although it is a very good document, it has no bearing on our conversation or legal standing. It is a red cloth held aloft that hides the sword behind it from the outraged bull.

The Constitution for The United States of America is almost the complete opposite of the Declaration of Independence. So, pretty much annulling anything in that document.

But, even worse, this constitution isn't for the people.
It is for "We the People". And no, it wasn't capitalized because that was the thing to do.
(we are just told that so that we do not march on DC and slaughter all the vermin therein)

In a court case, Padelford Fay tried to dispute a tax, stating it was unconstitutional.
The judgement came back, and the supreme court said:

"No private person has a right to complain by suit in court on the ground of a breach of the United States constitution; for, though the constitution is a compact, he is not a party to it."
(Padelford Fay & Co. v The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

Today, "The US" is a corporation filed under England.

So... what independence?

We have always been beholden to the crown.
We elect the person with the strongest blood ties to the Kings of England.
And we keep electing the same family.

We have no constitutional rights, what we have is an obligation to keep sending payments to the crown.

I love America, however, i hate The US and all the inbred, paedophilic, psychopathic monsters that run it.
So, i don't feel much like celebrating this day.

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Yes to some extent America did got independence and they have many things to show for it. Unlike other countries .

04.07.2019 19:34

It actually has more to do with how young the country is
and that the police have been indoctrinated in the same lies.

But, its still all pretend.
It is not written down anywhere.

It really has the most to do with the protestant people that became americans and their honesty and integrity.

04.07.2019 20:32

While the freedom Americans seized has not lasted unadulterated down to us today, I must disagree that we have always been beholden to the Crown. For a time, there was no Constitution, not even Articles of Confederation, and the Declaration of Independence was not only the highest law of the land, it was the only law of the land, as there was no other interstate compact in place.

While we can find much to decry in our present state of legal affairs, lies, fraud, and oppression simply have no legal standing, and just courts - were such ever to exist - properly applied would set that straight. More importantly, in actual fact we are free, and such obeisance demanded by the Crown is only undertaken at our sole option. They can kill you, but they cannot make your decisions for you.

Decentralization burgeons, and I celebrate both the freedom we proved we have when Americans defeated the greatest military force in the world, and that we will have when the power of institutions has lapsed due to the end of the flow of parasitized resources to vampires; overlords posing as public servants.

05.07.2019 15:13

I used to believe that way, and take solace in such,
however, after investigating what really happened, and what deals were kept with England AFTER we supposedly won... well, it just doesn't make any sense.

The constitution gives the president the powers of a king, and the congress can pass any law it deems necessary.

The only thing holding govern-cement in check is that they won't do something so forthright that the people will rise up.

To give an instance, the IRS is an illegal entity doing illegal things.
And many have taken them to court, proved it and... well, you have to pay your taxes anyway.

Living free is a difficult path to follow. It is so easy to go down the road of pyrrhic victories.

And the only way to win is to get everyone else to start accepting responsibility and taking freedom. Most would rather give up their freedoms for baubles.

05.07.2019 18:25

"...the only way to win is to get everyone else to start accepting responsibility and taking freedom. Most would rather give up their freedoms for baubles."

As decentralization of means of production continues to develop and disseminate, that choice will increasingly become between not having baubles and being chattel, or being free to make the goods one desires. As that becomes more true daily, enlightened self interest increasingly recommends personal adoption of the means of production, rather than depending on a job that pays only 80% of your effort spent with which you can buy baubles, whose price is also parasitized by vampires.

The choice becomes between being parasitized and reduced in prosperity, or being free and keeping your wealth for yourself.

07.07.2019 15:06

As more people in garages do what could only be done by a major factory a half century ago, we will see all kinds of changes.

In fact, we may see free markets. Not just a market where you are able to buy product A from company A or product B from company A. (Gillette doesn't care if all their customers leave, they will still be buying from Gillette)

It will also be interesting that although you can buy a product from Joe, Frank or Harry, they will all be almost the same and use the same parts to fix it. It will truly be weird. Kinda like, all hoses and spray nozzles all go together.

And, when lots of people own the means of production, then we will both achieve the Marxist dream and the capitalist dream. It will be weird.

07.07.2019 17:52

I'm looking forward to the post-market economy as well. Real freedom is independence, and that day is coming. Independence Day!

08.07.2019 13:31

08.07.2019 18:49

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