Get Your Free Satoshis Before They Are All Gone

Bitcoin is getting a lot of press lately. Even the orange commander in chief is tweeting bitcoin.

And, although there are many people still thinking bitcoin has another crash lower, we are really close to the next WAY UP cycle. And, that means, we will never see these prices again.

But, what does this mean to faucets?

Already many faucets are paying out a few satoshis per click.
By next year, it will be fractions of a satoshi.

This means, if you have free time to click, click away.

This is my favorite faucet. It has no adverts and doesn't run anything while you leave it open. He makes his money by running bitcoin lotteries and other gambling things." <- My referral link

You can get 16 satoshi per hour + 2 lottery tickets for free, just by clicking.
You also have a chance of winning $200 of bitcoin, and even more in the lottery.

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But, what is a mere 16 satoshis worth you might ask?

In the future, there may be "Satoshi" stores, like we have dollar stores today.
Buying an item for one satoshi? Seems ludicrous?

Not really. As we get into crypto adoption; when more than 2% of the people start using crypto, a LOT of money is going to flow into cryptos.

Even at $10,000,000 bitcoin, the crypto market is still small compared to the bond market, or the stock market. And my feeling about those markets is that people will be running into cryptos like rats leaving a ship.

Mr Orange man said, basically, in his tweet, that The US Dollar is strong... there is no reason to go anywhere else. Why would he say such a thing unless people were looking to run somewhere else?

I see great things in the future for cryptos.

So, get your free satoshis today.

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Those in power will attempt to remain in power and when their reality has been shaken they will try to persuade people back to the old reality but by discussing it..... the paradigm shift is reaching critical mass.

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13.07.2019 07:01

You mean Pres. Chump will send out tweets saying bitcoin is bad and the dollar is really strong, and everyone should stay in the dollar?

I can't wait for it to happen.

13.07.2019 13:29