Everything You Were Not Told about PSYCHOPATHS


A narcissist, what used to be called a sociopath or a psychopath (before DSM5) is a creature, that looks like a human, but isn't.

The biggest problem we, as humans, face is that we have no idea what it is like to be a psychopath. Even worse, our movies take any knowledge that we may have had, and completely destroy it. So, most people cannot comprehend what a psychopath is, and their preconceived notions are completely wrong.

The movies like to portray a psychopath as an insane killer.
Just like the MSmockingbirdM likes to portray psy-ops as "lone gun nuts".

It would be appropriate to say that a psychopath is not human.
To a normal person, to not feel pain when they see someone hurt is inhuman.
Psychopaths are inhuman. (they do not feel any sympathy when they see someone hurting)

- - - - - - -

Modern psychologists tend to say that narcissism is a spectrum.
And, if you conflate narcissistic traits with narcissism, you can make a pretty good argument for it.

However, the reality is far from what is the current psychology norm.
A person raised by a narcissistic parent will have many traits of narcissism.
However, this person can be healed. They can reprogram themselves to have different responses.

A narcissist/psychopath can't. No one has ever cured a narcissist.
Something in the brain is broken. Either in early childhood or from conception.
These creatures are unable to feel warm empathy.
That part of the brain that see someone else smash their finger and you feel a stab of pain for that poor soul.
That part of the brain is either missing or destroyed in a psychopath.

One could say that they are four year olds, with an adult body.
All they know is me, mine. There is no you / other.
You are just an object. Just another object to them. Just as valuable and important as a TV.
And if you stop working for them, they will discard you, just as easily as a TV.

- - - - - - -

A psychopath sees life as a game.
Lying is just a tool.
People are just a tool.
Someone's heart is just a tool.

The psychopath sees everyone else as idiots. Defective even.
They are all sappy, and do irrational things.
They do things for "love". Idiots!

When a psychopath first meets you, if they feel they can use you, they will "love bomb" you. They will do and say everything just right to make you fall in love with them. They are very effective at this. They will tell you how you are soul mates on the second date.

And then, after they have you hooked, they will begin to torture you. They will praise you one day, and neglect/abuse you the next. The will do what is called "gas-lighting" (from the movie of the same name) and corrode your grip on reality. Yes, they will have you second guessing your own thoughts, your own intentions.

- - - - - - -

What is really bad for the world is that paths are the perfect chameleons. Most of their energy goes to looking good. Just the kind of people that the press wants in front of their cameras. Just the kind of people that are promoted for positions of authority.

Psychopaths want power over others, and they will do anything to get it.
Thus, almost all positions of power, like the President of The US are filled with sociopaths.

And wanting nothing but power, all the wishes of the electorate are for not. The people will get larger govern-cement with more govern-cement over-reach. More govern-cement power. More govern-cement spying and intrusion into people's lives.

We, the people, are really stupid for having elected people that will not give us what we asked for, but give us exactly what we don't want. In fact, they can't give us what we asked for. It would be easier for us to ask them to cut off their own arm.

This is why the people of the world need to learn to recognize psychopaths and sociopaths.
We can never have a good govern-cement/world as long as we put people in charge that would destroy the world for personal gain. (yes, with them standing on it)

These creatures have no remorse. No empathy.
They will blow up their own buildings, sink their own ships, shoot down their own planes just to start a war, or just to get everyone to feel despair.

In a very literal sense, you are asking The Devil to make your world a better place.
There are too many parallels between the Bible's descriptions of the Devil and Sociopaths to just be ignored.

If we want a peaceful world, the first thing we need to do is learn to recognize the psychopath.

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There are many definitions and criteria, sometimes they overlap so it is difficult to categorize people as psychopaths, sociopaths or narcissists. What is true is the the political elite is full of them .

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