EcoTrain QOTW: University vs ThemTube

I have often stated that everything i learned in college, i have later learned, was wrong.

This is not exactly accurate, because i had many classes that taught me machining, injection molding and other real world manufacturing skills. However, the university shut that department down while i was there.

All the science classes taught me many things that i have had to unlearn so that i could start to learn the secrets of our world.

The english classes all taught me things that are not only not true, but are a blockade to someone wishing to become a writer.

The math classes... π = 4, don't they realize that?
Calculus is completely a lie. But, it is a necessary lie to keep the lie that is mathematics together.
Fortunately, most people do not go outside the area where math starts being wrong.

History is taught wrong and IS wrong.
The history they teach you at college is more propaganda than history.
I mean, go to any professor of history and ask, When was the Tartary Empire?
Most will deny its existence.

Even philosophy is taught wrong. They do not teach the basics of reasoning. They intentionally skip things that were the basis of Greek thought. (and then they teach "Greek philosophy")

- - - - - - -

So, what reason is there for going to college?

  • Getting accredited (get that piece of paper)
  • Finding a Life Partner (getting a husband)

Learning is not something you will get at a university. In fact, you are far more likely to be harmed by what you "learn" in university. For example, becoming an entrepreneur after getting a business degree.

ThemTube and other online courses are much much better than university's courses.
Listening to Tom Woods on any bit of History and you will want more.

Further, they are available when YOU want to learn. And that makes a lot of difference. When you are ready and desiring to learn, your brain soaks up all that stuff. When you are not in the mood, you retain almost nothing. (forcing kids to sit through 8 hours of school is pretty destructive)

- - - - - - -

A sacred cow that must be slain in this conversation

You will make more money if you go to college.

This is not factually true, as it does not take into account that people who can go to college will make more regardless of if they go to college or not. The people with higher IQs and people with more drive make more money during their lives, and these are the same group of people that went to college.

Furthermore, almost half of the super rich people that made their money themselves didn't go to college. And the other half... never really used their degree.

- - - - - - -

Worthless by Aaron Clarey

Worthless By Aaron Clarey
The Young Person's Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major

This book gives charts and break downs of cost / benefit of different degrees. It talks about which jobs actually need degrees, and the future outlook for those jobs.

This is a must read book for anyone thinking of going to college.

- - - - - - -

Today, young people have a really difficult decision.
Buy a house or buy a degree.

And that degree may only help get you a job at Starbuckins

So, if your field of interest doesn't demand a degree, such as engineering or medical, i suggest you steer clear of universities.

And, that medical degree will be useless in about a decade when BigPharma comes crashing down.

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Book cover © Aaron Clarey

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No wonder I feel like we are on the same page - I also have unlearned a degree.

But I made a career out of doing what I learned in my holiday jobs!

12.07.2019 01:05

Too true unfortunately.

I couldn’t grasp the purpose of calculus lol what makes it wrong? It drove me nuts when the numbers disappeared completely! I’m pretty good at math, but calculus was just annoying to me. Only got a C in it.

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12.07.2019 01:14

You know how in earlier math classes you were taught that the value approached a number, but was never that number? (asymptotic) Yep, and then, as you said, in calculus, it approaches... and then it gets there. Magic? huh?

The problem with math is that there isn't infinity, nor is there really really small. (in reality, these things only exist in math) In physics there are smallest dimension and smallest time. (plank length)

So, when you take a concept that only exists in imagination, and then use it in math, everything breaks.
There are math formulas to prove that 1 = -1

There aren't an infinite amount of atoms in the universe, there a specific (very large) number of atoms and God knows where, and cares for each one of them.

Calculus is a stupid math class. Only 1 in 10 math whizzes will ever use it in the field of mathematics.
For everyone else, the functions have already been worked out.
You needed calculus to figure out beam loading and deflection, but today, its just a formula you pull out of an engineering book.
You could say that it is a math class so you can go and prove where all those formulas came from.

12.07.2019 01:51

You can get a husband at University? Damn - I've been through x2 degrees and that was not my experience!! LOL. TOTALLY AGREE about the medical degree when Big Pharma comes crashing down!

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13.07.2019 06:08

Well, it was a thing back in the 50s.
So much so that it was given a name.

"She went to the university to get her 'Mrs' degree"

13.07.2019 06:14

Haha... before my time. I didn't speak English till the early 1970s either. Who knew. :) I should go back to uni again, it would seem. Maybe 3rd time lucky. :)

13.07.2019 06:25