Buy Food!

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Forget Real Estate, Forget Stocks, Forget Bonds and maybe even forgo some Bitcoin


People who have been tracking the price of food, as part of an actual measurement of inflation say that food has been increasing in price by about 18% per year.

If you invest in food, that is an 18% return on investment per year!

However, if that were all, i wouldn't be writing this post.
Well, 18% in this day and age is nothing to sneeze at.

And this investment has many upsides

  • It has no counter-party risks
  • It can be traded for almost everything else during SHTF* ## It can be eaten. (unlike gold)

But if that were all, than this would barely be worth an entire post.

- - - - - - -

We are at the beginning of an ice age.

In an ice age, the weather does not just turn cold. Cold does not produce clouds that produce giant glaciers.
Step 1: Weather gets hotter. (haven't you heard someone speaking of global warming)
Step 2: Changes in Radiation (from and around the Sun) changes weather patterns. (then it was changed to climate change). UVc is reaching sea level at greater and more regular rates. These cosmic rays evaporate more water. Causing a lot more rains. Especially in, what was, dry areas.
Step 3: Winters get longer and summers get shorter. We will start seeing month long ice-storms in the northern regions. A month of nobody being able to move. No groceries, no power line repair, no...

Fortunately the ice age is a naturally occurring cycle that replenishes the earth's oceans.
Its just that with Al Gore telling us the exact wrong thing, we are very ill prepared for what is coming.

- - - - - - -

What does this have to do with food?

Well, if you haven't guessed it, floods and shorter growing seasons are going to make food scarce.

Post by @adapt2030
Record River Floods: USA Grain Prices Spike as Reality Sets In

We will see rises in food prices, so i suggest you stock up while prices are low.

But, even more importantly, there will come a future where you cannot just buy food.
You will either grow your own food, or go hungry.

And, a bit further in the future, we will have to grow our food indoors.
I don't know how far away that portion of the ice age is, but due to weather conditions and solar radiation, we will need to grow our food indoors. The sun will fry the crops and the cold will freeze the crops. (some days at the same time)

So buy food!
And incorporate into your daily meal plans the types of food you have stored.

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Comments 7

Investing in water seems to be the way to go as well.

10.07.2019 01:35

There are many big players trying to tie up all water rights.
However, we will see weather patterns and technologies upset their plans.

It does show for a scary future.

10.07.2019 23:05

I've noticed the increases in food also, average about a dime a product, I figured it more along the lines of wages increasing.

10.07.2019 03:42

It is so hard to say what actually caused what, but food price inflation has been very under-reported. And failing crops isn't being reported at all. However, all my crop watching friends say its even worse.

10.07.2019 23:07

There has been some articles I've seen on farmers not being able to get their crops in this year and a couple of late starts on getting crops in and worry if they will be able to harvest in time. I don't think this is the reason right now for food prices climbing as much as wages going up in many places for workers and the after affects of that, yes I do think it quite pertinent to point out that it is very likely we will see a rise in food prices again this winter as by then we will know the full extent of the damage done by all the flooding and whether that will have lead to a food shortage of some ideas. I would agree that stocking up on pasta's and other flour based foods now will save money during the winter as these are the times of items in high demand in the winter months. Better to be safe then sorry.

11.07.2019 04:17

Ima buy more wheat berries. I grind my own flour.
They just about never go bad. (kept cool and dry)
And i can plant them as well as eat them.

I believe the 18% food inflation of last year will be nothing compared to next year.

11.07.2019 04:37

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