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The Daily Build

Without a doubt, we're in awe of how active and fertile the steem platform is, in less than a month, we've had hundreds of users using our tags, and over 250 accounts holding our Build token on Steem engine. It is for this reason we've designed The Daily Build --- It will serve as a daily bulletin of manually curated articles and projects that use our recommended tags: #diy, #build-it, #how-to, #doityourself, #build.

[Building a photography macro rail for focus stacking (Part 2 - Prototyping)](



As mentioned in the previous post, this motor has 1.8° steps, so 200 steps per full rotation. It has two coils in it, hence 4 wires, a +ve and -ve for each coil. You can work out which two wires are on the same coil quite easily. The motor spins freely when not connected to anything. If you touch two of the wires together and they are on the same coil, there will be increased resistance when trying to turn the motor.

Part one of this series is here

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Building a guitar body



I had the time to get a bit more work done on the body over the weekend, so I decided to route out the pocket for the pickup, and figure out where to put the jack for the guitar cord for plugging it into an amplifier. the first thing I worked on was getting the pickup pocket cut out with the router.

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~DIY~ How to make and Eye-Splice using 3-Strand Rope ~ #the5reelgood



Welcome back to another DIY video done by yours truly. I’m am really disappointed how my last splicing video turned out and I want to make it up to you. I tried to tackle too many different splices at once. Even though a few of them were rather simple, the Eye Splice needs way more time than I gave it. I hope I came make it up to you all in this video. Also a shoutout to @thebigsweed, “Hey, here is the video I told you I was going to do”

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How to control The Luminance of LED using XOD Visual programming



In this instructable, I am going to share how to control the led adjustable brightness. The brightness will be set based on the position of the potentiometer. To do this, we need to set the potentiometer up as a voltage divider, and we need to drive the LED from one of the pins. For this example, I am using pin 9. The circuit schematic I am using is shown below. but we will write first the requirements for this tutorial.

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Ensuring My Girls Get All The Nutrients They Need - Making My Own Seed Mix And Chocolate Balls , Yum



I am passionate about food and a strong believer that "You Are What You Eat". I have spend a long time educating myself about food and optimum nutrition. As a mother, my girls depend on the food I give them to grow and develop into healthy adults. I take this responsibility very serious and always make sure that they receive all the nutrients they need.

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