Stake Your Build Tokens And Earn More Builds

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Hello all.

It's been a little over 4 months since we launched our tribe/website on the Steem Ecosystem. Following our announcement documentary which can be found here, we explained some intricacies of our platform and how it will add value to the Steem Platform.

Within that time to date, the support and response we got from the Steem Platform was outrageous. Starting from our previous translation contests where we gave out over 1,125 liquid steem to translators, and since then we've been airdropping our BUILD tokens into the hands of our users in the form of upvotes.

At the time of drafting this document, there are over 200 "BUILD" stakeholders. While this is still a good news for us, we would like to spread more awareness concerning the different facets and benefits of staking our BUILD token.

Stake Your Build Tokens And Earn More

Staking your BUILD tokens gives you the power to curate your favorite DIY/How-to tutorial articles and in return, you earn a percentage for your action. It's more like a shared-ownership, but in this case, you're staking our BUILD tokens to earn more.

With the exception of the profits and benefits when staking your BUILD tokens, it's also a way to reward your favorite DIY/How-to content creators. What this means is that you don't necessarily need to be a content creator or blogger before buying and staking our BUILD tokens, it is optimal to purchase and stake our tokens with the intention of curating your favorite DIY/How-to content creators and in returns, you earn a decent amount from curating.

How To Stake Your Build Tokens

Staking our BUILD tokens is quite easy. With a good internet connection, staking our tokens could be done in less than 5 minutes. Follow these simple steps below to stake your BUILD tokens.

Step 1: Visit our website:

Build-it landing page.png

Having done that, it will bring you to our website landing page as shown in the image above.

Step 2: SIGN UP

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The next thing you would want to do is to sign up on our platform. Please ignore if you have an account with us already, just proceed by filling your username and private posting keys.

Step 3:Go to your wallet

build wallet.png

Your wallet is where all transactions are carried out i. staking, moving funds, etc. In this case, we'll be using the stake feature. As you can see from the image above, we have some unclaimed BUILD tokens, which are the rewards we get from curation. Crazy!

Step 4: Redeem your rewards (ignore if you don't have any rewards to redeem at that time

redeem tokens.png

Move your pointer to the "Redeem rewards (transfer to balance)" to redeem your curation rewards, thereafter they will be transferred to your balance, where you can sell, stake or transfer them. But in this case, we're staking them.

build stake.png

Move your pointer to your liquid build balance as highlighted above. Having clicked on it, a drop-down will appear, showing transfer, stake, and market. Click on the stake.

Step 5: Stake your Build Tokens

stake it.png

stake all.png

This will pop up right after you've clicked the stake feature. The next step to take is to fill in the amount you want to stake (this should be something you're convenient with).

Fill and click!.png

After you've filled the amount you want to stake, click on "STAKE" and the exact amount you filled will be added to your "Build power", thus giving you more power to curate and influence other DIY/How-to content creators. In other words, the higher your stake, the bigger your influence on posts as well as your curation rewards. It's a win-win prodigy.

Staking your Build Tokens from Steem Engine

On STEEM-ENGINE you can exchange any token for another, be it Bitcoin, Litecoin or EOS. Below is how you can stake your BUILD tokens on Steem Engine.

**Step 1: Visit Steem Engine and login with your private posting key

steem engine.png

You will see a little lock at the end of your BUILD coin balance as shown in the image below. As you put your pointer there it clearly says STAKE and well yes if you click on it you will be staking your tokens.

stake it arrow.png

How much will you want to stake? Is up to you, you can stake them all or just a portion of them, remember unstacking or powering down is 4 weeks in this case.

how much you want to stake.png

Just put the number of tokens you want to stake or power up and click "Stake BUILD". Having done that, you will need to refresh your wallet at and you will see your tokens Staked and all done!

Join our official Voter Trail so your staked BUILD tokens can work for you:


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You explained everything about how to stake step by step. Any new user who signs up today can understand what to do to stake BUILD tokens.

This tribe has great potentials. I'm staking my BUILD tokens. Glad to be here. :)

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Thanks and go for it bud!

19.01.2020 02:37

still on a small scale. but it's quite fun to have a little power on this platform

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