Build-It's New Fronts: Community Promotion on Pinterest, Reddit, & Medium

We are glad to share with our community; after Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Build-It is expanding and exploring new horizons and heights by reaching out to Reddit, Pinterest and Medium fans. Reddit: "r/Build_It"

Reddit is a well recognized platform which is widely used by millions around the world for sharing, discussing and rating content.

There are thousands of Subreddits in hundreds of categories such as news, games, life-style, food, fitness and, of course, DIY and How-to as well. It's a proven fact, Reddit can be big source of traffic to any blog.

Build-It's Subreddit is a step forward to promote its community and to give them and their contents due exposure they deserve.

Build-It 15122019-1.jpg Reddit: "r/Build_It"

Build-It Subreddit is not only a chance for community (Build-It/Steem) to increase the traffic to their blogs and get more followers, in fact, this is an equal opportunity for the old, new and yet to join Redditters within our community to improve their Reddit profiles as well.

Build-It Line Separator 1.jpg Pinterest: "BuildIt_DIY"

An important step for creating a successful blog is to build audience.

Statistics show, there were 291 million users (and still growing) on Pinterest in the first quarter of 2019, and there are many opportunities for the bloggers to gain new audiences and visitors from the large number of Pinterest users.

Build-It Pinterest.jpg Pinterest: "BuildIt_DIY"

Pinterest designed to facilitate the Discovery of new, useful and interesting contents, products, services et cetera.

Build-It also supports both of these features and we believe Build-It's Pinterest will be a great help for the promotion of the community's content.

Join on all these platforms and help us to promote you

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