15 anti-stresses for Steemit community

Good evening, dear steemians!
I know that now is a difficult time for everyone and everyone is very busy solving issues.
I have been thinking for a long time how much I can cheer up.

And the idea came.
One of the most relaxing and beloved joys of most people is something fluffy called a cat.


Let it create the sweetest atmosphere for you.
I would very much ask everyone who sees this post to smile in the comments!


There is only one place in Lviv that is sure to present you these furs.
Although not with great enthusiasm for them (cats).


In fact, to afford the luxury of having a photo shoot of these independent creatures is not at all easily.


Therefore, the person who is pushing for this brave and extremely difficult step is already showing this (ie me) that he really wanted to please you and tried. This picture is the most epic for me šŸ˜


I caught the cats and took them from the farthest corners of the establishment. These are the most selfish individuals.


They have a fondness for you and only match you when you try to eat your order.
Then they will not hesitate to shove their paw and sometimes a muzzle into your plate.


But keep in mind, a cat cafe has a strict law forbidding cat feeding!
That is, they make us criminalize!


But when a person tries to communicate with them, then they will not give you anything like pet.


Of course, they will not scratched you because they must be polite with customers, but it will flee immediately.


Well, for them, stroking is not a luxury and so they do not appreciate it.
Cats here are extremely lazy,


they will sleep around the clock without even showing hospitality, although in principle, we come to them as visitors.


You do not expect them to respect the visitor. And to photograph them in general it is necessary to make considerable efforts. As I mentioned above in my story.


Everything you saw right now (hopefully captivating and enjoyable footage) was made on one leg, climbing onto the bench,


peeking at the top shelves, standing for twenty minutes, even forcing the model to take the appropriate pose.


So, thank you for understanding, I believe this article gave you a smile :)

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05.03.2020 17:31

Cat's are cute, but they're mini tigers haha.

05.03.2020 17:44

Yes, exactly. Maybe literally, because they still have their hunting instincts. They even bring their preys (mostly birds and mouses) to you to train and educate you. Tigers are also cats. They are just/only a little bit bigger.

There is an interesting article about cats from 2016. It says the following:

According to a study, around four billion birds are killed by cats yearly in the USA. Also considering the other small animals they hunt, we get a shocking number: almost 30 billion!

The article: Why Do Cats Bring Their Prey To You?

05.03.2020 22:12

Wow, that's a lot. Judging from the way my neighbour's cat killed a mouse this morning, I can believe it.

05.03.2020 23:38

I would very much ask everyone who sees this post to smile in the comments!


I love animals. Nowadays I am not really a cat person, I mainly prefer birds. More specifically Harris's hawks. But your post obviously still gave me a smile. Mostly the photo about the relaxing cat.

05.03.2020 21:58

When Iā€™m stressed out I turn to garlic bread šŸ„–

05.03.2020 22:22

Adorable kitties! :)

10.03.2020 12:28