Juicy burger with fries and coke


When you eat out frequently, it can often be hard to decide what to eat. Yesterday, I had a hard time picking what main course to eat during my lunch, but I ended up giving Jack's Burger a try. I have eaten there a long time ago, but I got tired of it and have eaten other food recently as I have been to the area. But, yesterday, it was time to try Jacks Burger again.

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At Jack's Burger, you can buy burger's costing from 3,5 Euro to 8 Euro. The price level is okay, and you normally get fries together with your burger, and if you pay a bit more, you else get a cold drink.

I spent 5,5 Euro myself yesterday and ordered a cheese burger with fries and a 0,33 can of Coke.

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Some restaurants serve you very boring and fries without crust. But, at Jack's Burger, the fries is better than they are most other places, meaning that they have a crust and it feels almost crispy as you eat them. I do miss the sweet fries which are even better, but until they get it, this is very good.

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The hamburger meat itself might not be the best ever, but with the stuffing and dressing, it still gets nice. Unfortunately, I forgot to say that I didn't want the mustard in the burger, and thus it was quite packed with mustard, and that kind of destroys much of the taste. The onion on the inside and the cheese was great, but I have got to say, the hamburger could have been better.

So, the conclusion must be that Jack's Burger is okay, the price level is fine (just like McDonald's and KFC and Burger King). The quality is good, but there are several places in Budapest serving you much better burgers. But, for a quick and nice lunch, Jack's Burger will most likely get the job done for you!

Restaurant Information

Jacks Burger
Budaörs, 4,, Sport u. 2, 2040 Hungary

Juicy burger with fries and coke
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