My recent trip to Snowdonia National Park, GB

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There will always be something about the mountains in Snowdonia National park that will tease the imagination into a union with waking perceptions. There is actually no such thing as a mundane glance out over the peaks or a shoulder shrug to the experience of walking one of her trails. This rather special place invites you to always see more than you are seeing. Alongside the complex families of fungus, plant life, wildlife, and breathtaking views it becomes very easy to see how this is the birthplace of myths.

Being here I’m reminded of a hostile world within, and a hostile world without. This area for millennia was no stranger to humans taking refuge in her heights only to struggle to survive against the harsh conditions. Warring kingdoms in Ireland driving refugees across the sea, invading Romans chasing the Belgae and other tribes into the safety of the mountains, plague, starvation.... these patient mountains have pretty much seen it all.

While I was there I did get to enjoy one of my favourite pastimes which is wild food foraging/mycology. Amidst the hiking and rambling, I kept finding various plants and mushrooms that have a myriad of uses. Here’s some photos.

Sloes/Blackthorn berries. Quite common in the UK and often used to make homemade sloe gin

A cluster of perfect Velvet Shanks found on a rode-side verge on the walk back to the carpark.

Jelly Ear Fungi

There’s always a degree of sorrow in having to leave a place like this. Just as I begin to click into the idea of being away from the routine of having to go to school, go home, homework, I have to go back to it all. I am kinda lucky that my Dad takes me up to places like this every year though. It’s one of the highlights of my year.

Thank you for reading, and for allowing me to share it with you.

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All images are my own (Sorry for the poor quality!)

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