Looking for Writers

As part of the Steem ecosystem, BuildTeam has an interest in providing Steemians not just with excellent Steem based apps like DLease and TokenBB, we also try to share info on what's happening on Steem and in the general crypto space.

On the @btuniverse blog, you will find posts on a variety of topics.

The most recent one is about Real Estate starting to Embrace Tokenization.

Other topics include China Providing Crypto Clarity, a Steempeak Spotlight, and Steem being listed on Easycrypto.co.nz.

There are many topics worth writing about in the cryptospace, and we are now looking for people interested in writing posts about interesting current events.

Are you interested?

What you should bring to the table

  • Excellent English skills (native or on a high level as second language)
  • The ability to write journalistic posts (show us previous work, if available)
  • Motivation to search for topics by yourself
  • Ability to keep agreed upon deadlines

What you will receive

  • 25 BUILDTEAM tokens per post, paid out every second week (read more about the tokens here)
  • Readers for your articles
  • The pleasure of being part of a great team that has been active on the Steem blockchain for years

Please contact @thecryptodrive on Discord (thecryptodrive

8144) with your qualifications and previous work.

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Comments 19

It looks like a great initiative. I hope it will attract a lot of people and I am really looking forward to seeing some great content from people.

04.11.2019 09:37

Tailored to serve 2 or 3 people.

04.11.2019 14:35

Looks good. I am in.

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04.11.2019 14:35

Verry good friends your post

04.11.2019 16:38


04.11.2019 20:48

nice approach - truely think it is not too bad to be a writer for the buildteam - at least if you benefit from some support on NC bots or so :-). Seriously - nice one!

04.11.2019 21:14

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05.11.2019 01:26


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05.11.2019 01:54

Good working

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05.11.2019 03:25

u will get many writers im sure

05.11.2019 04:41

Ahh. Thanks for letting me know. I am in

05.11.2019 08:20

I am interested too. Writing is such a creative and nice approach. Would surely like to join the team

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05.11.2019 11:40

I don't enjoy writing much. But I enjoy reading great article that is captivating.

05.11.2019 15:36

Congratulations @btuniverse!
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05.11.2019 17:59

Wow so good so farπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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05.11.2019 18:13

yay this looks good

06.11.2019 04:14

Thanks for the post.

07.11.2019 03:44