Win STEEM at the BROsino!


The BROsino is shaking things up! We just made some big changes - all for your casino gaming pleasure!

You can now win STEEM by playing our games!

After a lot of deliberation about the BROsino business and gaming model, BRO Sports & Gaming Network™ (BROSGN) management determined that it would be best for our brand and for the general BRO ecosystem and community if we changed our model from a paid gaming service with no cashouts for players to a free service with player cashouts.

This may sound counterintuitive for a business to operate and to receive any profits, but we believe that profits can be made in ways that do not include charging our players for credits on our site. In essence, the BROsino will serve as a STEEM “faucet” for those who enjoy playing casino games. Anyone can still sign up and play for free and we will still run frequent giveaways for credits at the BROsino, but now, if you win beyond a certain number of credits, you’ll be able to request a cashout and receive STEEM for your casino gaming success! (More details below.)

We believe that this model also allows us to operate legally in any jurisdiction, since no player is actually making any deposits and “gambling” with that money. Having a free and legal casino gaming site that rewards players with the STEEM cryptocurrency will allow us to make inroads where crypto casinos are typically seen as too risky to play or too risky to be affiliated with them. This will potentially open doors for partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising with both crypto and non-crypto companies and communities.

How does the new model work for players?

Upon registering at the BROsino, each new player will receive 10,000 free credits. These free credits can be used at any of our BROsino games - slots, video poker, roulette, and blackjack.

Credits can be redeemed for STEEM at a 10,000:1 ratio. However, players must initially reach a minimum balance of 50,000 credits in order to receive a cashout and the original 10,000 free credits cannot be redeemed. BROsino credits are not transferable between players.

For example:

Player A registers at the BROsino and receives 10,000 free credits. Player A plays blackjack and roulette and wins an additional 45,000 credits, giving them a balance of 55,000 credits. Player A can request a cashout for 45,000 credits, leaving them with a remaining balance of 10,000 credits, and 4.5 STEEM will be sent to their Steem wallet.

Player A may also choose to only cash out part of their winnings, such as requesting a cashout of 20,000 credits - with 2 STEEM sent to their Steem wallet and leaving them with a balance of 35,000 credits.

All previously purchased BROsino credits have been refunded and player credit balances have been reset to 10,000.

This new model will be in a test phase for several weeks and may be subject to change. Since players will no longer be able to make purchases for credits, we have indefinitely disabled the deposit feature and the referral program. We will also manually verify users and cashout requests, so please allow up to 72 hours for cashouts.

We will periodically give away additional free credits to players who accomplish specified BRO tasks. To learn about and participate in these giveaways, our players should follow us on social media, as listed below.

What else is new at the BROsino?

We didn’t think one slot machine was adequate for a casino, so we decided to add more! Our new machines can be customized by anyone who wants their own slots!


Sample custom slot machine with cryptocurrency symbols

Do you have products or services to promote? Well you can now advertise them with your own custom named slot machine with custom slot symbols...such as your products!

Do you want to promote your blog or Tribe community? Try renting your own slot machine with your blog or community name on it and watch your followers and community grow...and win STEEM!

We’re offering some discounted “early bird” rates for these custom features that won’t last long, so if you’re interested, let us know today! Other promotional and advertising opportunities are also available at the BROsino. Contact us to learn more about them.

Support the BRO Sports & Gaming Network™

Here are the many ways that you can support BROSGN’s efforts to continue delivering exceptional sports and gaming platforms:

  • Follow us and upvote and resteem posts from @brosgn, @brosino, and @bro-poker
  • Try out our fun, randomized voting bot, @bro-rando
  • Delegate some Steem Power to @brosgn
  • Donate directly to @brosgn
  • Approve @ats-witness and @guiltyparties as Steem witnesses
  • Become a sponsor of and/or advertiser with BRO. (Contact us for more details.)
  • Download and use the Brave browser using our super-awesome referral link: . You can also set up monthly tipping for - a verified Brave publisher - to send us a share of your free monthly BAT distributions. And if you enable ads in your browser settings, you can even earn some BAT currency while you play our games!

If you prefer to hang onto your valuable STEEM, and just want to donate to some bros looking to continue offering and developing fun stuff for everyone to enjoy, you may also donate directly to us at the following wallet addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC): 1DnmsSuveWz2gcks6Kmu25eHiECzRpuNxC
Litecoin (LTC): LUgoi1FWqrDw1JP4sTZZe2fRgrVWiaziUn
Ethereum (ETH): 0x6880a2704716888c21ed0e843035fe3082456c2f

Be sure to also subscribe to the official BROSGN YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter! You can also join us on Discord in the official BRO Sports & Gaming Network™ chat!

Thank you for your support and good luck to everyone playing at the BROsino!

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20.07.2019 18:55

Well I busted my 10000 Free Tokens. But playing Slot and Video Poker was fun :)

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21.07.2019 07:59

I just reloaded a few credits for you. Stay tuned for more opportunities to pick up even more free credits!

24.07.2019 03:33

thank you :) Can't wait to play later :)

24.07.2019 06:07

I'm close to busting all mine as well. Relax and have a !beer

13.08.2019 22:42

@c0ff33a shared this post during the live PYPT curation show on TheRamble discord, and we were impressed with your new gaming model! This sounds like it will definitely be a win-win for everyone, with lots of new opportunities! Great new direction for the services you offer! Kudos!

29.07.2019 09:10

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

29.07.2019 21:04

Hi thekittygirl the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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29.07.2019 21:04

Came to check it out.. The verify email went to gmail spam. :/

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