Exciting News for the BROsino - the #1 FREE Online Casino!


It’s been a busy week for the BRO Sports & Gaming Network’s growing virtual gaming empire and we have some exciting news and updates for the BRO Casino!

In an effort to continually improve the gaming experience for BROsino players, we upgraded the BROsino to version 1.9.3 this week and we are operating flawlessly. We also revised our player cash-out policy in order to ensure transaction accuracy and to improve relations with our players.

But most importantly…

The BROsino has a new sponsor!

Joining us this week with their very own custom virtual slot machine is NewSteem! The NewSteem slot machine is brought to us by the ADSup project.

“ADSup is excited to support fun and engaging community projects that provide activities and engagement for Steem users. With that in mind we are proud to sponsor NewSteem Slots at the BROsino.”

You can learn more about ADSup here: Account Information and Curation Activities

You can play their custom slots at the BROsino here: NewSteem Slots


This slot machine currently offers our largest winning slots combination with a payout of 160x your bet amount for landing on five of the ADSactly coin symbols! That means one 50-credit bet on one line can win up to 8000 credits!

The BROsino is 100% FREE to play...but our free credits can be cashed out for STEEM! Visit our Free Credits page for more information.

If you like playing for free and winning, be a bro to our sponsors too!

Here at the BROsino, we like to keep the lights on, the games running, and the floors clean. Those who become sponsors for our BRO casino help us accomplish this every day. We are grateful for their interest in our free online casino and for trusting us to help advertise their own products/services, websites, projects, and/or causes.

If you want to see more games, bigger prizes, and a continually improved player experience, it's important to also support those who support us.

Do you have something to promote or advertise? Did you ever dream of having your own virtual slot machine? Contact us on Discord for more info!

BROsino Site Updates

We have made several updates over the last couple of weeks to both the back and front end of brosgn.net.

  • New leaderboard sorting options were added, so now players can view leaderboards for individual BROsino games or all games and then sort them by current month, previous month, current year, and all-time.




  • New backend analytics for site administrators were added and previous data visualizations have been improved. We can now track gameplay and results more quickly and accurately, automatically calculate Return-to-Player (RTP) and house edge statistics, and quickly and easily check sign-ups, account balances, win percentages, referrals (which may be back online soon!), and much more.
  • A new Sponsors page was added to the site. You can navigate to this page from the top menu under the Info tab or via the Sponsors link in the footer.


More updates and upgrades are on the horizon! Make sure you follow us to stay up-to-date!

Revised Credits and Cash-Out Policies

In an effort to improve our player relations and to ensure that both we and our users are being fair, we revised our free credits and cash-out policies. The following changes have been made to help facilitate these improvements:

  • Players may now cash out their entire balance after reaching the 50,000-credit threshold for withdrawals.
  • After requesting a withdrawal at the BROsino, players must confirm their cash-out request by visiting the “cashout-requests” channel in the BRO Sports & Gaming Network Discord server.
  • Players requesting a cash-out must have a Steem account and the transaction must go to that wallet address. We will not send funds to an exchange account.
  • Players requesting a credit reload must request it in the “reload-requests” channel in the BRO Discord server. In order to ensure that players are able to play at the BROsino for free, players may request one 5000-credit reload per week if their balance is below 5000 credits.

The BROsino reserves the right to change any of its policies at any time. Please ensure that you are following all current BROsino policies.

Support the BRO Sports & Gaming Network!

Development is ongoing and our vision and team continues to grow with us. You can interact with us and our community or on our network by visiting, following, or joining any or all of the accounts and sites listed below:

You can also support BROSGN and the BROsino by doing any or all of the following:

  • If you're a Steem user:
    1. Follow us on Steemit.com and upvote and resteem posts from @brosgn and @brosino
    2. Try out our fun, randomized voting bot, @bro-rando
    3. Delegate some Steem Power to @brosgn
    4. Donate STEEM or SBD directly to @brosgn
    5. Approve @ats-witness and @guiltyparties as Steem witnesses
  • Become a sponsor/advertiser at the BROsino. (See this post and contact us on Discord for more details.)
  • Download and use the Brave browser using our super-awesome referral link: Download Brave browser, bro! You can also set up monthly tipping for brosgn.net - a verified Brave publisher - to send us a share of your monthly BAT distributions. And if you enable ads in your browser settings, you can even earn BAT while you play our games!
  • Support those who support us! You can find a list of our current sponsors on our Sponsors page.

Direct donations to BROSGN to help with recurring costs and current/future development - and because we're all bros! - can also be made to the following cryptocurrency wallet addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC): 1DnmsSuveWz2gcks6Kmu25eHiECzRpuNxC

Litecoin (LTC): LUgoi1FWqrDw1JP4sTZZe2fRgrVWiaziUn

Ethereum (ETH): 0x6880a2704716888c21ed0e843035fe3082456c2f

Thank you for your support and good luck to everyone playing at the BROsino!

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Looking smoooooth....

13.08.2019 18:11

The Team at Brosino were great to work with, made it easy and I am extremely pleased with how the slots turned out! Beautiful work!

Thanks Brosino! Let's get people playing the slots, having fun and enjoying Steem.

13.08.2019 18:19

Thank you! That sounds like a solid plan!

13.08.2019 18:40

Broski, you did a good thing.

Posted using Partiko iOS

13.08.2019 21:33

You did an even better thing by signing up, brosef!

15.08.2019 02:30

Very exciting project! Hope to play this!


14.08.2019 14:28

Congratulations @theguruasia, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @brosino!
@brosino got 6 TRDO & @theguruasia got 4 TRDO!

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14.08.2019 14:28

You got the Trendo, bro!


15.08.2019 02:32

As far as I know, videos that show online casinos or gambling aren't allowed, and that's a pity cause great video tutorials could be made.

13.10.2021 14:14

Yes, I heard about it too and I even saw the deletion of videos that mention online casinos or gambling. However, it seems to me that this is a fairly safe entertainment, and I don't see any addiction to gambling. I also like to receive various bonuses when I play, which help me to improve my results.

13.10.2021 14:34