Custom Slots Bring Record Day at the BROsino!


After our very first day of promoting custom slots at the BRO Casino, we had a record number of sign-ups! Special thanks to our new sponsor, NewSteem - brought to you by @ADSup!

The BRO Sports & Gaming Network™ (BROSGN) officially launched its sponsorship program a couple of weeks ago and immediately entered into negotiations with the @ADSup team. Their custom slot machine was finalized and loaded up this past weekend, the contract began on Monday, and our official announcements were made on Tuesday. Since then, we’ve had 87 new sign-ups (at the time of posting) over the last two days at the BROsino and even had our first official cashout!

And the best part is...the games are 100% FREE for our players!



Not only have we received a record number of sign-ups at the BROsino, but we also had a record number of games played, with over 6000 on August 14th alone! Our players added another 2200 games played on August 13th. Our previous record was 2920 games played in one day, set back in May when the BROsino was officially launched.


In addition to the record sign-ups and games played, we had 274 unique visitors on August 13th, plus another 170 on August 12th. Data for yesterday, the 14th, has not been displayed yet. Not bad for a little ol’ virtual casino that hasn’t even started its marketing campaign yet!


What does all of this mean?

For BROSGN and the BROsino, this is a huge step in accomplishing our goals of becoming the premiere sports and gaming platform for crypto enthusiasts and “mainstream” fans alike! Feedback about the BROsino has been great and the increased traffic and server load was handled without a single reported hiccup so far.

For our sponsors and potential future sponsors, this hopefully offers some valuable statistics about user interest and activity. It should also offer some validation for advertising/marketing with the BROsino. And if nothing else, it ought to show that people are looking for a place to kick back and have fun on non-blogging platforms...while still being part of the Steem ecosystem!

For our players, getting this kind of response from the community and having the first people step up and take a chance on a sponsorship is very promising for the future of the BROsino. The more support we get from players and sponsors, the more value we can add with our products and the more value we can return and distribute to the community. Every positive step we can take will result in more production from our team and a better experience for our players and followers.

We have so much more to come, as this is just the first step in growing the BRO Sports & Gaming™ empire!

How can you help us grow and improve?

If you have a business, project, community, or cause that you want to promote or if you know anyone who does, consider a sponsorship with the BROsino or tell others about it! We have plenty of sponsorship options available at the moment in our casino and lots more coming when we launch our multiplayer BRO Poker!

Slots sponsorship for NewSteem

You can find more BROsino sponsorship info here: Sponsorships and Free Credits at the BROsino!

Spread the word to all of your friends and family as well! Get the word out across all of social media about the BROsino, and if you’re on Twitter, please follow us and share our tweets far and wide!

Let's build on this momentum and make sure the BROsino remains the #1 FREE online casino!

Current BROsino Sponsors

The following are official BRO sponsors as of August 15, 2019:

  • NewSteem Slots: @ADSup is excited to support fun and engaging community projects that provide activities and engagement for Steem users. With that in mind we are proud to sponsor NewSteem Slots at the BROsino.”
    You can learn more about @ADSup here. Play the NewSteem slots here!

Our sponsors thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support and good luck to everyone playing at the BROsino!

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Great news... I discovered your game only yesterday. Cool casino...

15.08.2019 15:04

Glad to hear it!

The BROsino team was an absolute please to work with.

15.08.2019 16:23

Great job on the NewSteem Slots - BROsino!

Thanks for bringing great entertainment to the Steem Community! We are proud to sponsor it.

15.08.2019 16:33

Nice work BRO’s and congrats!!

15.08.2019 17:31

Thank you for the free Credits! :)

15.08.2019 21:44