BROsino Update: New Casino Game and Slots Changes


We have news! The BRO Casino has added a new game and the time for bonus payout percentages on the NewSteem slots is running out! Head over to the BROsino today!

In our ongoing efforts to reach a wider casino gaming audience, we decided to add another new and still completely FREE-to-play game this week to our virtual gaming palace! Without further ado, we present to you...

Casino Bingo!

This is not your grandma’s bingo game. We’re not giving away balls of yarn and some butterscotch candies here. Casino Bingo is built for speed and big wins. It’s for the modern, active, sophisticated casino adventurer.

Our 75-Ball Bingo, or American Bingo, is in beta testing for now and will be receiving some aesthetic improvements in the future, but you can try it out at the BROsino today! There is How-to-Play and Paytable information provided on the upper-right corner of the game page for your convenience.


The NewSteem Slots reels and paytable will be adjusted back to regular settings tomorrow night! You have less than 36 hours to get your big wins in!

The NewSteem Slots will still be here for your gaming pleasure for at least another 9 weeks, so don’t fret, bros! Plenty of slots action can still be had and we will run special reels and paytables again in the future. But for now, the virtual machine is still paying out, as you can see here:


So get over there to the BROsino, play some free games, and win some STEEM!

*Please make sure you read our credits and cash out policies here: Free Credits for BROsino players

Current BROsino Sponsors

The following are official BRO sponsors as of August 19, 2019:

  • NewSteem Slots: @ADSup is excited to support fun and engaging community projects that provide activities and engagement for Steem users. With that in mind we are proud to sponsor NewSteem Slots at the BROsino.”
    You can learn more about @ADSup here. Play the NewSteem slots here!

Our sponsors thank you for your support! If you would like to become a sponsor or advertise with the BROsino, please Contact us on Discord!

Thank you for your support and good luck to everyone playing at the BROsino!

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