BROsino Update - 7 October 2019


October 7, 2019

The BROsino made some great new additions this week to the #1 Crypto Faucet!

Just when you thought free gaming couldn’t get any better, the BRO Casino cranks things up a notch! Take a look at all of the new additions and updates from this past week!

The BROsino Raffle

Our daily raffle kicked off last week and has already given away over 260,000 credits to players!


The raffle runs every 24 hours and the total daily prize can reach up to 50,000 credits. Players can enter the raffle by purchasing tickets with their BROsino credits. Tickets currently cost 250 credits and each player can purchase up to 20 per raffle. The more players who enter the raffle, the higher the prize goes, up to the maximum 50,000 credits.

The BROsino’s daily raffle is also a fantastic way to grab attention for your business, website, project, community, or cause! The raffle page features a full banner ad in its header that can be customized and reserved exclusively for raffle sponsors! We are currently accepting daily, weekly, and monthly sponsors to be featured at the BROsino.

If you’d like to reserve a raffle sponsorship, contact us on Discord today!

The BROsino Welcomes Three New Sponsors!

We added three new sponsors to the BROsino sponsor family this week, so give them a nice BRO welcome by checking out their info and visiting their pages and websites! Slots: A leading cryptocurrency news, price and information website that provides a free portfolio manager along with many other useful cryptocurrency tools as well as free cryptocurrency games. Show your support by visiting their website and playing the Slots.

Deranged Contests Video Poker: Deranged Contests is a series of daily themed photography contests. It is set up so that people of all skill levels can participate and be rewarded. The rewards are given in the form of upvotes from the Beth's blog and playing #BlameBeth Bingo.

You can find all of our current sponsor information on our BROsino Sponsors page.

New Social Media Account Logins

A new feature added this week for BROsino players is social media login! First up on social logins is our very own Steem platform integration!


Using Steemconnect and OAuth2, any player can sign in to the BROsino with their Steem credentials. This will allow for improved automated services and opens up the door to future add-ons for player profile features, which we hope to develop in the coming weeks/months.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses were improved this week, so you can now receive even more credits for your personal marketing skills! Players can sign up for the referral program in the BRO Discord server. The current bonuses are listed below.

Level Referrer SU Referee SU L Bonus % W Bonus % Referrals
1 100 credits 1000 credits 0.1% 0.5% 0-9
2 200 credits 2000 credits 0.2% 1% 10-19
3 300 credits 3000 credits 0.3% 1.5% 20-49
4 400 credits 4000 credits 0.4% 2% 50-99
5 500 credits 5000 credits 0.5% 2.5% 100+

Referrer SU: The amount of bonus credits a player receives for each new player that signs up with their referral link.
Referee SU: The amount of bonus credits a new player receives when signing up with a referral link.
L Bonus %: The amount of bonus credits earned by referrers from every bet lost by a referred user.
W Bonus %: The amount of bonus credits earned by referrers from every bet won by a referred user.
Referrals: The number of referrals made my players that determines Referral Level.

BROsino Leaderboards

We added a new previous week leaderboard to the mix and will begin weekly contests soon! Stay tuned for more info on weekly BROsino contests!

Here are the current leaders for October’s monthly contest. The top five monthly players at the BROsino will win bonus credits!


There are 23 days left until the monthly contest ends! Sign up with our BRO referral link to get 5000 bonus credits on top of the 10,000 for all new registered players: Claim 15,000 BRO credits to get you started!

Learn all of the FREE ways to earn cryptocurrency while visiting and playing at the BROsino!

BROsino Stats Tracker

Stats Yesterday Last 7 Days All-Time
Sign-Ups 3 14 821
Games Played 3962 25,343 329,322
STEEM Paid Out 5 17 80


Current BROsino Sponsors

The following are official BRO sponsors as of October 7, 2019:

  • NewSteem Slots: @ADSup is excited to support fun and engaging community projects that provide activities and engagement for Steem users. With that in mind we are proud to sponsor NewSteem Slots at the BROsino.”
    You can learn more about @ADSup here.
    Play the NewSteem slots here!

New sponsor information for this week can be found in this post, above. Our sponsors thank you for your support! If you would like to become a sponsor or advertise with the BROsino, please Contact us on Discord!

Thank you for your BRO patronage and good luck to everyone playing at the BROsino!

If you’d like to give extra support to the BRO Sports & Gaming Network™, please approve ats-witness and guiltyparties as Steem witnesseses!

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This is awesome. I am playing the Deranged Contests Video Poker and it is dope. Keep up the great work!

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really like what I see here, was kind on the spot with my review, nice progress, congrats

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Thanks! Can you link me to your review, I would love to read it.

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