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Free SPORTS for Commenting - Promoting Sports Talk Social on Twitch with BROCFML


Promoting STS

Have you heard of how the BROCFML is promoting Sports Talk Social to a worldwide audience on Twitch? With each and every live broadcast we include a promotion of STS in our public chat as well as have a prominent STS advertisement with link under the livestream.
The BROCFML is a simulation Madden 20 football league with human owners. This guarantees an audience and gets others interested in the league and Sports Talk Social.
The commissioner of BROCFML, team owners, and our sponsors (@Fitcoin, @beat-the-bookies), believe in the Sports Talk Community and are happy to be a part of this growing group of sports fans. You can also advertise your website, project or blog within the game too!

Week 4

The BROCFML will be entering the 4th week of Season 5 today as action continues. We’ve had a couple of surprises, including @Bethalea’s Seahawks trouncing @Kryptokeeper’s Saints last night, moving the Saints to 1-2. However, Krypto isn’t and shouldn’t be worried due to the strength of his team.
![Annotation 2019-09-12 085047.png](
Above you’ll see one of the best runs of the day, as @michaelluchies’ Lions start to run up the score with a 70+ yard touchdown from Ezekiel Elliott. These highlights are captured from the game and saved to allow others to view them. Each replay has the @fitcoin sponsor image, giving nice exposure to our sponsor.

In-Chat Promotion

In each BROCFML game, there are around 6-15 viewers who join at one time, and several hundred total over the course of the livestream.

This means well over 1,000 people are tuning in to watch each week’s action, and this audience is steadily growing.
With in-chat promotion, visitors are instantly exposed to Sports Talk Social, and our valued league sponsors. This list may grow over time and we are gaining new followers and subscribers every day.


You can watch all of the action from every BROCFML game here on the BROCFML Twitch channel. We are finishing up Week 3 today and starting Week 4 action. Tune in as things are starting to heat up!
The first 20 STS users who join in the Twitch chat today and type "I Love the BROCFML" followed by your STS username ... will receive 100 SPORTS! Sockpuppet accounts will be denied.

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