Livestream : BROCFML Season 5 Starts Today | 100,000 SPORTS + 1,000 SCR Prize Pool

Season 5 Starts Today!


After weeks and countless hours of preparation, the 5th season of the BROCFML has kicked off this morning. Ten human team owners have drafted their teams, made trades and roster moves, picked their formations, and have even placed a few side bets before the first regular season game takes place.

We want to thank @FitCoin for supporting this effort which has us rising the ranks of Twitch streams, as we’re receiving hundreds of views each day. This attention is bringing new eyeballs and members to our community here on Sports Talk Social.

While all the teams are taken, we invite you to join the action by tuning into our streams and helping us bring this league to a wider audience. Watch the action and subscribe to the BROCFML on Twitch!

What is the BROCFML?

The BROCFML is a Madden 20 simulation league. Human owners get to control a main team and practice teams, in an effort to win the Bro Bowl. Based on their subscription package, owners can make trades and get updates from the Commissioner to improve their team and chances of making the playoffs.

Here’s to a great season and we hope you’ll join us for the fun!

Comments 6

Bills gonna rek e1 xD big thanks to @fitcoin for sponsoring!

10.09.2019 08:24

40+ points is always a good start, congrats!

10.09.2019 09:57

Congrats with becoming a Twitch Affiliate! It still baffles me how huge twitch has become these days. It's nice to see also u using the 'crypto reward blogging platforms' to gain some exposure in a smart way for something more. Let's hope the BROCFML can one day gain the popularity of something like 'twitch plays pokemon' :)

10.09.2019 09:54

Thanks man! =)

10.09.2019 09:56

It's a great start to the season already. My Lions are 1-0 baby! Woohoo! Thanks @fitcoin

10.09.2019 17:05