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BROCFML Week 4 Game of the Week Recap: Cowboys vs. Saints

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Game of the Week

Week 4 in the BROCFML Season 5 will end today and week 5 will begin. Here’s a look at the Game of the Week between the Dallas Cowboys (@Chops316) and the New Orleans Saints (@kryptokeeper/@celsius100).

First Quarter

The game began looking like a defensive battle with several big turnovers in the red zone. The only scoring this quarter came from a Cowboys field goal.

Score: 3-0 Cowboys

Second Quarter

The second quarter was action-packed. The Cowboys took the lead on an incredible Christian McCaffrey 60+ yard run for the score where he was able to shed several tackles on his way to the endzone. The Cowboys would take a 10-3 lead.
As the Cowboys were driving to increase their lead, the Saints were able to intercept Drew Brees for the third time in the first half and return the pick for 6 points. The Saints ended the quarter with a strong 2-minute drive to kick an easy field goal to go in the locker room with a 13-10 lead over the Cowboys.

Score: 13-10 Saints

Third Quarter

The momentum shifted once again in the third quarter as the Cowboys were able to drive down the field and score on a short touchdown pass from Drew Brees to Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. The final 7 minutes of the quarter went by without another score, and it looked like we were headed for a close finish to the Game of the Week.

Score: 17-13 Dallas

Fourth Quarter

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Just as the Cowboys were looking like they would put the nail in the coffin on this game, the Saints made a tough defensive stand and got the ball back. Unfortunately, the Honey badger had other plans as he was able to pick off Russell Wilson for the pick-6 touchdown.
Down 24-13, the Saints drove down the field but only came up with a field goal, narrowing the lead to 8 (24-16). The Saints offense sputtered again and the Cowboys’ Dalvin Cook ran in a touchdown with under 4 minutes to go to extend the Cowboys lead to 31-16.
Russell Wilson threw an incomplete pass with two minutes left on 4th down to seal the game for the Cowboys. Congratulations to Chops316 who now moves to 4-0 and looks to be one of the top teams to beat in the NFC along with the undefeated Seahawks (@bethalea) and Lions (@michelluchies).

Final: 31- 16 Cowboys

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