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BROCFML Season 5 Week 2 Updates and Highlights

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Week 2

Week two is moving fast as we near the game of the week later today – the Houston Texans, owned by The Commish, will face off against ATS-David’s Jacksonville Jaguars. This early test may show us who the team is to beat for the BROCFML Season 5 BRO Bowl trophy.
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We first announced yesterday that we have added a new sponsor and we are open to additional sponsors as well. Our current sponsor list includes:
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Week 2 Highlights

We have yet to see any major upsets, but we have had a few calls where teams with little talent keep games close against teams that are loaded due to human owners taking players from their practices squads.
The Lions’ Kyle Rudolph breaks a tackle to score the first touchdown of the game ... 
The Seahawks pour it on with a pick-6 touchdown ... 
Lions’ Darius Slay makes a nice break on the ball for an interception and returns it for a Lions touchdown ... 
We head over to the Cowboys’ week 2 matchup against the Redskins for the play of the year so far as Denzel Ward scores on a pick-6 ...

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