BROCFML Season 5 - 100,000 SPORTS + 1,000 SCR Prize Pool - Madden 20 Modded Sim League

Season 5

This Friday we start our Season 5 Draft and have a few teams left open for new owners. Let me know in the comments section if you'd like to join the BROCFML, the 9th fastest growing Madden Twitch stream!

What a Lucksack

Season 4 Champs

Last season's winner was @ats-david who's Jaguars were dominant all season long and despite getting down a couple of scores in BRO Bowl IV, came back to blow away the Panthers.


For Season 5 we're moving from Madden 19 to Madden 20 and updated our mod to near perfection for very enjoyable high scoring games. There won't be many 10-9 games this season that make you want to make biscotti instead of watching, we're talking 40-30 point games baby!

Once again it's Free to Play, but we're also offering some paid options that will boost your team to the next level and help you win your share of the 100,000 SPORTS + 1,000 SCR Prize Pool. Paying BROwners will get first choice of teams along with more livestreamed games and other perks only available to them. So consider upgrading your team because it also helps us feed the gerbils who keep the computers running.

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See you on the field!

UpdateWe have filled up the BROCFML for Season 5 with BROwners ...

Owner : Tuck - GOAT PackageMT : Houston Texans PT: Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins
Owner : Celsius - GOAT Package + 1 PTMT : New Orleans Saints PT: Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals
Owner : Mikey - GOAT PackageMT : : Detroit Lions PT: 49ers, Panthers, Redskins
Owner : Beth - GOAT PackageMT : : Seattle Seahawks PT: Patriots, Falcons, Chargers
Owner : Chops - GOAT PackageMT : : Dallas Cowboys PT: Steelers, Jets, Buccaneers
Owner : David - GOAT PackageMT : : Jacksonville Jaguars PT: Broncos, Eagles, Packers
Owner : Tadas - GOAT Packs - GOAT Package (Owes 15 SBD)
MT : : Buffalo wns, Chiefs, Colts
Owner : boatsports - Free PackageMT : : Oakland Raiders
Owner : InTheNow - Free PackageMT : : Baltimore Ravens
Owner : Sasha - Free PackageMT : : Minnesota Vikings

Comments 12

Thanks for hosting this great league! Excited to participate again and hoping I can win the whole thing this season! Goooo LIONS!

03.09.2019 15:30

awww, the Lions! how adorable!

03.09.2019 16:51

Whatever Beth!

03.09.2019 17:21

whatever YOU!!


03.09.2019 19:34


04.09.2019 07:06

I'm the champ! And I'm going to dominate this season just like I dominated last season!

I am both the unstoppable force and the immovable object! Come get some, you Madden peasants!

03.09.2019 20:40

You are the returning champ, but this is a whole new ballgame! This is Mikey's league this season!

04.09.2019 04:43

!cheetah whitelist

05.09.2019 08:01

Hey thanks GP!

05.09.2019 08:40

Looking forward to see how this works out for everyone.

06.09.2019 13:34