BROCFML New Season 5 Sponsor - @FitCoin - Sponsor Your Website - Project - Blog!

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The BROCFML welcomes @FitCoin to our Sponsor list for Season 5. Thank you for supporting us and we hope this will be a mutually beneficial cooperative effort!

We still have some areas in the game open to Sponsor's, so if you'd like to promote your Website, Project or Blog let us know in the comments section below. There are some requirements to secure a Sponsor spot.

Details - Requirements - Limitations

  • BROCFML will make 1 post per day to be upvoted.
  • Your Website, Project or Blog will be promoted in all posts.
  • Must have at least 1,000,000 in Staked SPORTS or equivalent upvote.
  • Must have a reputable blog in good standing with the Community.
  • White text in Impact font only.
  • No logos can be inserted at this time unless you overwhelm me.
  • Must upvote all BROCFML posts as long as the ad is running.
  • See ad placement options below for upvote % required.

Available Ad Areas

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Score Display (75% Upvote minimum)

The area where you see "BROCFML" currently can be replaced to display your Website, Project name or @YourBlog account name during every in-game score update.


Commentators (50% Upvote minimum)

There are 2 announcer spots available that are shown once Pre-Game, but this is prime real estate due to the time it takes to get this right and the Kewl Factor 5. You can choose 1 or both announcers, it's the same upvote requirement either way. The image supplied must be high quality with a transparent background around the head & upper torso.

The name is limited in length to 14 characters because we have to hex edit it into the mod and the bytes must remain identical. So plan accordingly. The BROCFML logo is not replaceable in this area at this time, unless you make an outstanding offer.

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Starting Lineups (33% Up Upvote minimum) FILLED

This area whereu see "BROCFML" currently can be replaced to display your Website, Project name or @YourBlog account name. The starting lineups are shown for both Offense & Defense for both teams usually on each one's first series. It repeats 3 times for each section of the lineup.

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Star Players Intro (33% Upvote minimum)

This area where you see "BROCFML" currently can be replaced to display your Website, Project name or @YourBlog account name. The star players show up at the beginning of each game and are limited to 2-4 displays.

In the future we hope to provide custom field logos and stadium advertisements, there simply has not been enough free time to get this done for this season.

Here's to a great season and promotion of your website, project or blog! We kick off Tuesday September 10th and games are scheduled to run every day for the next month or so and are broadcast Live on Twitch to hundreds of viewers per day!

Pre-Season Livestream

BROCFML is the 9th fastest growing Madden Livestream on Twitch and we are a Twitch Affiliate.

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Very clever what you have done with this.

09.09.2019 13:48

Thanks man! =)

09.09.2019 13:49