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BROCFML AFC Playoff Picture

afc playoffs.png

AFC Playoff Picture

The BROCFML is continuing Week 17 today with the Playoffs starting tomorrow with the Wildcard games kicking the action off. The AFC has two undefeated teams remaining with the Texans and Bills. This is going to be a barn burner!

afc playoffs.PNG

Texans Rigging

The Commish is obviously rigging things in his favor as his high flying Texans remain undefeated and likely to hang onto the #1 spot throughout the playoffs. The only team to throw up some sort of challenge was the Saints in Week 1. Since then it's been easy pickings against the rest of the league.

Bills Charging

Buffalo continues to look strong despite a slight stumble in Week 17 versus the hapless Jets, but they managed the win to remain undefeated in the regular season and keep their chances alive for the 5,000 SPORTS bonus.

Maybe knowing he went undefeated will make ailing BROwner @homesteadlt feel better as he coaches from the hospital. Get well soon Bro!

Ravens Perching

The Ravens have surprised everyone by securing the #3 spot in the AFC Playoffs with their Free Team entry. That means that BROwner @inthenow has not been able to do any roster moves, trading, coaching or training, yet worked his way into a chance to bring home the BRO Trophy. I'd say nice job, but it was all luck. ;)

Raiders Marauding

And look at this! The Raiders in the last week have moved from "in the hunt" into the Division lead and have taken the #4 spot in the AFC Playoffs, for now. Let's see if they can hold onto it in Week 17 and keep their chances alive with our 2nd Free Team entry. Good luck to the Raiders BROwner @boatsports90!

Wildcard Picture

One of the Wildcard spots is secured by the Jaguars, owned by @ats-david, who fell victim twice this season to the mighty Texans (rigged!) and a come from behind win by the Saints. Let's see if they can get some revenge in the Playoffs. The final spot is currently held by the Browns, but they have to defeat the Bengals in Week 17 to hold onto that spot.

Live Action

We will be playing live games to finish up Week 17 all day today and if we finish early, we'll likely knock out a Wildcard game or two. You can subscribe Free with Amazon Prime or give us a Follow on Twitch below while you enjoy the games!

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