For those of you that don’t know, I am part of witness @blockbrothers together with @exyle and @bennierex

The witness has been here for two years now. And lately I read, hear and learned that people just don’t know what a witness is. Don’t understand the work they do and wonder why. And believe me the witnesses are everywhere.

Besides developing ( Our Steemify app ) and being very active blogging AND vlogging on the blockchain, being active in alot of Discords communities and being informing about things happening on Steemit we also share our 100% transparent Blockbrothers witness voting list with the community.


Voting for witnesses is not easy for most ( new ) Steemians. You get 30 witness votes, but who do you vote for and why? I guess you can compare that to voting for 30 politicians in your country, it just isn’t easy, but not easy is a lame excuse to just NOT vote.

The most important thing you should know about voting for witnesses is that it is a MUST. There aren’t elections on Steem. You can vote for a witness but you can also remove your vote for a witness at any time or you can choose to proxy your vote to someone to do the witness voting for you (only witness voting, no voting on posts). Maybe you find that one witness that you think can be trusted to do the voting for you. Or just try it out, you got nothing to loose.


Last year @blockbrothers realized there was a need in the community to have some guidance for recommendations who to vote for. That's why we decided to be 100% transparent about who we vote for and more important why! We present an updated list of the witnesses we vote for every month on the @blockbrothers blog. Offcourse our lists are a mix of both community witnesses and developer witnesses. This way you learn who does what for or in the platform.

If you like this constantly updated list and our transparency you can consider setting @blockbrothers as your witness voting proxy. Go to

A lot is happening in the steemisphere and than knowledge, transparancy and honesty are important , just like it is in my domestic and working life. That’s why I hate reading for instance in discord that you don’t think it’s important! BECAUSE IT MOST CERTAINLY IS !

I think there is a need for honest commitment on this blockchain and for witness transparency. Maybe this will help you make you 30 choices . The witnesses on the blockchain run servers that process ("witness") the blocks as they are added to the blockchain. If we had no witnesses, we'd have no blockchain. Each person has 30 votes for chosen witnesses, which can be changed at any time — you can always un-vote any witness if you no longer agree with what they're doing.

Generally, it is advised to observe the witnesses on-chain and vote for the ones that you think are doing a good job keeping servers running, the ones that align with your opinions on governance of the chain, and the ones who are the most conscientious about working for the good of the blockchain and its sustainability.

You can vote for witnesses on the following sites: by clicking on the "Vote for Witness" option in the menu• under the "Witness Overview" tab• run by witness Drakos• click "Activities" and "Review Witnesses" on your profile

Read the latest blost blog from us here:


Or visit">

I fully support witness and developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support them, they would appreciate your vote here.

They build Steemify, a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.
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Thanks @brittandjosie for the explanation for the need for witness vote.

Appreciate your post.

20.12.2019 02:23

To many members don’t see the importance of voting so every now i than I do a reminder blog

20.12.2019 06:52

I learnt about voting for witnesses very recently

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21.12.2019 18:37

That’s great and did you cast 30

21.12.2019 21:45

No only 17

22.12.2019 04:02

ok well thats great, look in the lists who your 17 witnesses vote for and maybe see if they vote for someone you might like aswell. There are many great ones, community and develloping witnesses so good luck

22.12.2019 08:52

Sure. I'll explore.

22.12.2019 08:59