I made these photos after I went, with my phone

I have a strange habit, well I have a few but while I travel I photograph toilets. Yes, but just for fun and just the ones that are weird, extremely dirty or original.

I feel I need to photograph the ones I like. I even sometimes take pictures of the hallway and sometimes of the toilet cubical itself. I feel the need to take out my phone for the new blogs for #toiletthursday a new tag by me. I photographed the ones we saw on schiphol this time before flying to Genua, before boarding our plane.

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

You sometimes hear wild stories, of people who get stuck, and if that’s the case you want it to be a nice and clean one right? Or your worst nightmare when you go to the toilet on a plane and can no longer get out.  But did you know you cannot lock yourself in the toilet of the plane.  If something happens, and you will unfortunately not be able to open the lock?  The crew has a (secret) way to open the door on the outside when needed. Or when you join the mile high club you want it to be a cool one hahahahah yes and clean!

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

The toilet is a myth anyway, Not the toilet is the dirtiest place on the plane, but the table for you. Mircobiologists investigated and found no fewer than 3,000 different bacteria.  Maybe just put some wipes in your hand luggage so that you can eat from a clean table during your flight.  Oh, and the third dirtiest place is the chair bag.  Just so you know. But with the wipes you can clean a seat on the toilet on your flight.

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

We spend a lot of time on the toilet in our lives.  At home, at work, in a restaurant, on the sportsclub or the gym, or on the road: if you have to, you have to.  Do you think you already know everything about the toilet? No? Well An average person goes to the toilet about 2,500 times a year.  This amounts to about 7 times a day, and when you get older it might be longer.

People unconsciously choose a toilet cubicle when a row of toilets is available.  When it is very busy, we often have no choice, but when it is quiet, almost all people prefer to opt for the space at the back of the room.  This gives a greater sense of privacy.  Because almost everyone thinks this, this box is the most unsanitary of the entire row.

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

Avoid the toilets in public buildings such as libraries or in shopping centers and department stores.  You have the greatest chance of a clean toilet in the hospitality industry, according to the National Toilet Survey 2018

Of course, one person consumes a little more than another, but on average we consume nearly 21,000 toilet paper sheets per person per year.  Converted there are between 55 and 60 a day.

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

Women can get a bladder infection due to a visit to the public toilet.  This has not so much to do with the hygiene of the public toilet, but especially with the fact that ladies do not want to sit on the toilet. They think this is not hygienic and so they hang with the bottom above to pot. This urinary position causes cystitis.

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

The closet paper hangs in two ways on the wall, look at yours if it hangs up of down. Many people have trouble going to the toilet with strangers or in a public place.  The idea that others are also on the pot means that we would rather not do it.  Men often get rid of it easily when it comes to the small message.  It is somewhat more difficult for women.  No fewer than 6 in 10 women do not sit on strange pots. For men, by the way, it is 1.5 out of 10.

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

Women's toilets are the cleanest. Quite strange that women have so much trouble with public toilets and men don't.  Indeed, research has shown for years that women's toilets are cleaner than men's toilets. Maybe it’s greater to sit on a nice arty toilet.

When you have a smell that’s still there when you finished the large one, use a match after it’s blown out the smell will be away instantly. Great in a hotel room, yes also from experience!!

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

In America a Woman got $ 30,000 after breaking the toilet bowl, a obese lady thought for a moment that she was quietly peeing at an American fast food chain.  This did not go entirely as it should.  The toilet bowl was not resistant to the weight and broke in half.  Hereby the lady was injured.  The cause would be negligence rather than the weight of the lady, so she received $ 30,000 in damages. Something that is impossible in the Netherlands.

There are huge office buildings in the world in which there are a bizarre number of toilets.  This must also be, because there are many people present.  In China there is a building with only public toilets.  So there is no office and no one lives there either.  The three-storey building has a total of more than 1,000 toilets for everyone who needs to and happens to walk by.

# photos are mine and only mine, made on schiphol last week

There are quite a few strange laws worldwide.  There are also peculiar laws that relate to toilet use.  For example, you can get a fairly high fine if you forget to flush a toilet in Singapore.  Are you staying in the Scottish Highlands and do you have to use the toilet?  You can just ring the bell everywhere.  This is because it is punishable here to refuse someone access to the toilet, also at a home. Last funny thing ( even my 7 year old does it ) most people go to the toilet with their phone, iPad or newspaper.

What a #travelfeed thing and hobby can lead to, I hope you enjoyed my strange habit and my new tag #toiletthursday. This was a cluster ladies toilet and there were 9 cubical with plane art. Let me know what and where your nice toilet is, or make a blog in the new tag. Let’s have fun.

Yes they are all my photos ......  made on Schiphol Amsterdam last week before my flight to Genua

Source my own research and experience rest is www.

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30.10.2019 21:39

Thank you

31.10.2019 18:30

I love this - I'm captivated by toilets around the world as well. In NYC, I have a map in my head of usable public toilets (the full door stalls at Bloomingdale's Soho are a good bet...) and one of the things I miss most about Tokyo was talking to my toilet. Great post!

30.10.2019 21:42

Talking to your toilet ???

30.10.2019 21:45

We can call this rightfully a shitpost, can't we?

30.10.2019 22:01

Yes offcourse I wondered when you would comment !
Yes a real shit blog
Wel veel mooie wc’s

30.10.2019 22:06

It’s just fun

31.10.2019 18:30

Toilet wall decoration is very different and cool.

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31.10.2019 07:28

This is a great way to go to the toilet

31.10.2019 18:30

So many different wall papers for the toilets here. And yes, please wipe before use. A must-do when using public toilet. =)

31.10.2019 09:56

Yes a must do and for us with kids I always have wipes in my purse 😬

31.10.2019 18:31

Best post of the week! LOL! 😂

31.10.2019 19:39

Hahahahah me and my habits 😉

31.10.2019 19:43

Okay... I'm afraid that this is one of the weirdest things I've seen! You photograph toilets... I see you in a whole new light now!

31.10.2019 20:20

Hahahahaha I have some weird passions I know and never thought I would share guess that is what steemit does with ya 😉

01.11.2019 08:59

Hopefully this is as strange as it gets...

04.11.2019 10:26

I never thought much about toilets, but this is a great and original post and now I do ... this post made for making the toilets interesting :) what David Atenbourgh documentaries made for the natural history

01.11.2019 08:35

Hahhaah thats a great compliment but we use the toilet so much so why not photograph the great ones and I must say klm has some great arty toilets
Thanks for the resteem

01.11.2019 09:00


01.11.2019 10:16

Apparently someone either really loves or hates planes)))

01.11.2019 19:45

Hello @brittandjosie, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

03.11.2019 01:52