PHOTO proof, this is the answer photo made maandag / Monday 30 dec 2019 15.50


The people that answered the candy question were:

@qwerrie, @drakernoise, @ragnar94, @melshadow, @abitcoinsceptic, @lacking, @wwwiebe, @marinmex @phoenixwren, @bashadow, @bliss11, @ninahaskin, @sacra97 and Offcourse @smasssh

@ninahaskin @bashadow and @marinmex won 1 steem each

CONGRATULATIONS I will pay the steem after this blog

I also now my wallet is open pay the steem for the WHO WHAT WHERE contest to @syllem @sacra97 @lacking @bia.birch all 1 steem my last contest.


@steemean you get 4 steem sponsored to do your own contests because you are the future and one off the youngest STEEMIANS here.

That’s all folks, I have paid all my dues !

Thank you for stopping by, its highly appreciated, and please let me know your vision on steemit life in general.

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Comments 12

that was a lot of candies, and a very nice way to show the number of candies by using them to make the number.

03.01.2020 20:48

The kids ate a lot off them too Hihi

03.01.2020 20:58


03.01.2020 20:58

Thank you I loved the challenge, it was fun trying to guess @brittandjosie.

Thank you for paying the other challenge, you have great ideas and I love trying to keep up.
Happy new year 2020.

corrige por favor le falta una "e" steemean

Graciass, me encantó el desafío, fue divertido tratar de adivinar @brittandjosie.
Gracias por pagar el otro desafío, tienes grandes ideas y me encanta intentar seguir el ritmo.Feliz año nuevo 2020

03.01.2020 21:10

Muchos gracias

03.01.2020 22:07

Congrats to the winners! This was fun! And I was waaaayyyy off.

03.01.2020 21:35

Hahahahaha well you entered and I highly appreciated that

03.01.2020 22:07

So you can finally rest well Britt ...there’s a said here that’s more or less like this : “who pays the debts do rest but who gets paid rests more” hahaha ...
Loved the idea and the results proofs lol you made me laugh out loud!
Congrats to the winners, well done!!
Big hugs over there ❤️

03.01.2020 21:49

I Needed the proof because if someone didn’t believe me Hahahah

03.01.2020 22:06

Thank you for the contest and the prize. I hope the next year brings many more for both of us.

04.01.2020 03:39

You're such a sweetheart! @britandjosie💕
Thank you so much! This was a fun contest!

I always want to ask how tall the container is and the diameter, as if it makes a difference in guessing!😂

290 pieces is a lot of candy!
How many are left???🍬🍬🍬

04.01.2020 06:57

Great contest 😉 I don't supose there was almost 300 candy 😋

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06.01.2020 14:44