Tips For Getting On Cub Finance Without Binance or Metamask

Maybe you guys don't have access to Binance anymore or maybe you are on the version which limits your ability to do certain things.

Here are some helpful tips where you can get on Cub Finance fast without KYC and a bunch of other issues.

First of all you can either come in with BNB or with CAKE. BNB is obviously Binance coin and CAKE is the platform token for Pancake Swap.

But what if you aren't on the Binance Exchange or on the Binance Smart Chain YET?


Strategy 1 - Atomic Wallet (Send Litecoin, Dogecoin, or whatever else there and convert to BNB)

After you have that BNB you can send it to the Trust Wallet on your Android Phone or tablet. That BNB can be swapped 1 for 1 with the Binance Smart Chain Version of BNB inside the Trust Wallet. You can do this step on an iPhone but the next step won't really work on it. You really need an Android to use this whole strategy.

Binance Coin with the Yellow coin with the white logo is the type of BNB you were able to get in the Atomic Wallet and send to the Trust Wallet. To convert that to the Binance Smart Chain version follow the steps below. Once you go into the Binance Coin to get more options you will have the three dots for "More" and you can chose "Swap to Smart Chain."


Once you have Binance Smart Chain BNB then you can go to the DApps section in the Trust Wallet and go to inside of that windo and then go to the exchange section and swap Binance Smart Chain BNB for some CUB. Being inside the wallet allows you to be connected. Just make sure that up in the right corner you are on the Smart Chain and you have the Black Coin with the yellow Binance logo and you aren't connected to the Ethereum network or something. Then you can stake the CUB to earn more CUB. If you want to take that BNB and convert it to other things to participate in other pools you can do that. The point is you have funds onto the smart chain without being on the Binance Exchange or using the Bridge or anything.

Strategy 2 - Use HotBit To Buy CAKE and Transfer That To The Trust Wallet

Here is my HotBit Referral Link -

There isn't any KYC. Just e-mail and you can set up 2 Factor Authentication through Google Auth. Once you are in there you can buy CAKE. Once you have the CAKE you can send it to the Trust Wallet on your phone and then go to the DApps section and go to Go to the Exchange section and swap it for CUB and then you are on your way to staking CUB for more CUB. Once again you can swap to other assets as well and the possibilities are endless. The main point is once again you got funds in from outside without using Binance or the Binance Bridge.

In Conclusion

Utilizing either the Atomic Wallet's swap feature and the Trust Wallet or utilizing HotBit and the Trust Wallet you can get assets onto the Binance Smart Chain and get started on Cub Finance!

This is huge guys! To be on one of these platforms Day 1 is unreal and like the LeoFinance team said. They are trusted. With a lot of these platforms that are clones of Pancake Swap we can't trust them.

I threw $5,600 at it in 10 minutes of knowing about it and I come from a long lineage of cheapskates if that tells you anything.

I'm super pumped up about this offering! I hope they add DOGE to the exchange. It is available on the Binance Smart Chain but Pancake Swap and Cub Finance Swap doesn't have it yet.

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Comments 16

Awesome man!! So many swaps, so little money, lol :)

09.03.2021 17:01

It is pretty unreal...... this is the first time I have been in on one of these day 1. I caught a ride with Pancake Swap but I was far from Day 1

09.03.2021 19:39

I got in on like day 2 of ApeSwap, did pretty well there. Still earning like 500% in the normal pool. I did their LP pool for awhile and was making 2500%, still got a good bag over there. Have a nice bag of Cake on Pancakeswap but just barely got in there a few weeks ago. That is a very consistent 134% haha.

09.03.2021 20:07

Damn... I should have tried this ... I spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out Metamask, then BSC, sent my Leo to get Bleo then I couldn’t even buy any Cub... oh well.... missed out on the 20,000 % APR thing but I did buy some more BNb that is up 20% so far ... I was going to buy my Cub at $15 .... but see it’s now dropped back to $8....

09.03.2021 21:07

It will be interesting what price CUB will be after the airdrop. It is pretty volatile right now as people take positions and move around do different pools.

10.03.2021 17:35

Yeah... I bought at $ 7 ... and it’s now around $5 ... so lost about 30% already. .. it took me too long to figure it out but at least I didn’t buy at $15 ...

10.03.2021 20:21

Okay so say I'm using Binance.Com.

  1. Do I click BNB or Smart Chain to get the receiving address?
  2. When sending from Binance do I click BEP Address when I'm doing my transfer?
10.03.2021 00:47

Okay so I got my BNB on Trust Wallet, Swapped it to Binance Smart Chain and then swapped some for CUB. How do I stake CUB? I was assuming I click "Liquidity" and then select BNB as the other currency option after the plus? Or am I doing it wrong?

10.03.2021 01:09

Untitled design (63).jpg

Okay so I'm here but I'm not really sure what the heck I did or where my cub is lol

10.03.2021 01:17

So I got a notification I executed a smart contract. What do I do from here? Will that harvest button eventually light up? Do I click harvest? Sorry I'm an idiot and there's only one Youtube video on this in another language.

10.03.2021 01:27

Well if you go to the Dens the first one is for CUB sounds like you got in there and it is probably racking up and eventually you can hit compound or harvest..... Usually wait until there are a couple in there before you Compound it because the fee will be around $0.40

10.03.2021 17:29

WOOPS... I hit compound...doesn’t that just compound everything ? Or only what you have at that moment ? Yikes. I messed up .

10.03.2021 20:23

It compounds the earnings and adds it to the stack of staked CUB. I usually wait until I at least have 2 when it is at these prices around $5 because it is usually a 50 cent fee.

On my stack of ETH it comes it pretty fast so I'm able to compound every 30 min or so which really theoretically increases the percentage gain.

10.03.2021 20:28

Okay so I managed to stake some CUB and DAI. What happens if/when I want to pull my money out? Do I hit the minus button?
image (41).png

11.03.2021 00:25

Yeah you just hit the minus button and tell it how much to pull out and it will show back up in your wallet. and then you can trade it for something else or do whatever.

11.03.2021 23:22

Thanks for the heads up on this platform. I think I got the hang of staking and am pretty comfortable with it. I've noticed the interest rate has begun to fall. How long you think it will hang above 1000% and what's the move after it drops?

12.03.2021 00:35