The Cornerstone Of My Athletic Ability (Air Alert II)

I was always obsessed with being able to jump higher and anyone who has played basketball has always wanted to dunk. Way back in the day I actually ordered a jumping program from Inside Stuff Magazine called Air Alert II. I used to go out to the barn and I had everything all set up with carpet to jump on. You needed a soft surface otherwise it would really beat your knees up really bad because of the jumping volume. The program was intense and most people couldn't complete it. It said you can gain 8 to 14 inches on your vertical. I ended up going from a 22 inch one step vert to a 32 inch one step vert. It is crazy that all this time later the program has been posted on YouTube by the creator!

I always went back to some variation of the system an never lost my bounce! I do lower volumes and inter mix weights into my workouts but the basis is the same. I know if I go back to these exercises to some capacity and keep my body weight low enough I will rise up and be dunking on fools!

Who else did a vertical jump program?

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