The bDollar Lost Half Its Value So I Bought It


Another degenerate ape like maneuver. The bDollar which is an algorithmic stablecoin running on the Binance Smart Chain lost almost 50% of its value so I bought it up. It has typically been trading higher than a dollar and in the last few days finally got to a dollar where it was trying to be but then this recent pullback pulled it way under.

Again I made a small investment and we will see if their algorithm will work when the market bounces back up.

It is very hard to keep stable coins at a dollar that aren't at least pretending to be backed by dollars in a bank account.

It might produce a quick double.

Do you guys think the bDollar will recover or do you think it is finished?

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very good information. May your investment progress and develop well, always be successful @brianphobos

25.03.2021 04:25

It is a crypto that is supported by Binance which I believe that will do well @brianphobos :D
Great investment indeed :)

25.03.2021 14:08