Registered For Brave And Had 53.48 BAT !!!

It is always fun to find random crypto laying around!

Early on the Brave browser didn't seem to work on any of my devices but now it actually is working and I have started using it and getting a little crypto.

Honestly I really think the Brave Browser could really take off at this point.


You can click on a referral Link to get started and get earning for surfing!

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10.12.2019 20:31

I do think the premise of this is powerful of taking the rewards and powering them up into STEEM if a lot of people got on board with it but for the time being I have mainly had to consider STEEM a sinking ship unfortunately. I mean you yourself didn't seem to think this post was worth upvoting.

I'm largely unsupported here for the most part and personally I feel that the best thing for STEEM would be for it to go to $0.01 so their could be a flush out and new investment come in. I don't feel it will get that low but in the end I don't really see a lot of benefit to people powering up their BAT earnings here because even if STEEM stays at the same price they aren't going to see any change to their influence here even if they did that for years. Why do that and keep sinking more time and money in when they could just buy other cryptos that are more stable with less inflation like DOGE, LTC, BTC.....etc. In the end it doesn't make sense and they will get the weird feeling most people get here that no one cares about their stuff and subconsciously there is something unfair about the economics here.

11.12.2019 09:18

Yes, but I don't believe things will stay like this forever, if they do, it won't survive long term as you alluded to. Ultimately rewarding content will probably need to be the work of an SMT while steem reatchets down the inflation and is just a fabric/base layer upon which other apps are built upon, hopefully giving it real value. The reason to buy now is to get it before that scenario plays out and the price goes up and earn a little off your stake while you wait.

11.12.2019 18:51

Boom! Now your rich! 😅

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10.12.2019 22:33

Ohhhh Yeah BABY!!!! Just swimming in coins! My hard drives are full of coins.... lol

11.12.2019 09:23