Another Crypto Project Bites The Dust

Synereo was founded in 2014 and throughout time it kept rebranding and became HyperSpace (AMP). They have announced on their website that they were shutting down. It has been extremely hard for anything to come along and even have the level of success that STEEM has had despite all the issues with STEEM. This is very interesting to me because freedom of speech is one of the most important things Blockchain tech can provide.

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Highly rEsteemed!


03.11.2019 01:58

AMP has been the only real stinker I've invested in (which isn't too bad I suppose). Back in 2015 they talked a good game, and I was either gonna put 1 BTC into Synereo, Steem, or Ripple. Guess I chose badly!

The project was addicted to pivtoing, and never really got over its split with tech lead who went on to found R-Chain. They had some nice ideas, but terrible execution, and kept shitting on the creators and community. Those who were following the project could see it was doomed , so no real surprise with their announcement.

03.11.2019 19:18

It was unfortunate. I never got in real deep with the project but did have an account at one point and tried it out and looked into it some but never invested any funds into it. I did however invest funds here and pretty much got burned by doing so.

I just wonder if anyone has really joined Coil and earned anything there. It is a membership of $5 / month through a credit card which I don't really want to do unless other people are saying that it has been working out for them.

04.11.2019 08:54