Argentina Tightens Currency Controls (LocalBitcoins Volume Goes Parabolic)

Get used to these currency crisis to continue to rise. Zimbabwe keeps hitting the reset button and other countries overtime keep trying to figure out what to do about their currencies as well. Creating currencies is one of the most powerful things a country can do. That is why their are so many currencies created out there. They have a new competitor in crypto currencies and also with the corporate money entering the picture like Libra. Argentina doesn't want all their currency sold for US Dollars so they are trying to control the gates and limit people to $200 / month so not people are going to the path of least resistance which is Bitcoin. People will flock more and more to crypto as time goes on. The crypto currency global takeover is a real thing and we are going to be in a front row seat. There are only going to be 21 Million Bitcoins and 84 Million Litecoins.

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