Blue Pill vs Red Pill vs Purple Pill vs Simps

If you are new to the community you might be lost with all the lingo so this will clarify a few things about Blue Pill, Red Pill, Purple Pill, and what Simps are. Sometimes people get really polarized about what these terms are and exactly what people's attitudes are towards these terms.

Red Pill guys chase excellence in business and experiences and take note of all the guys around them getting taken to the cleaners in the divorce courts. A lot of us have dodged bullets for several years realizing more and more that our caution has actually set us up for a life of freedom and enlightenment. The proverbial wild mustang running through the Sierra Nevadas as we watch our fellow peers be rigged up and bridled into a life of servitude. Look at men in their 30's and 40's. Most of the men who are in the best shape aren't locked down if you notice. They are like the character Riddick! The mysterious savage that can't be captured!

Purple Pill guys realize that if they lose their job or fall on hard times that most women will leave them and head for high ground. Red Pill guys gold digger test a chick repeatedly to learn her true nature. In my mind you have to be able to completely attract a woman with your looks, humor, and wit and then keep her around in a situation where you make her believe that you may be partially broke. In the end if she thinks she is too good for you let her follow your Instagram stories until the end of time watching you travel around the world hanging out with even hotter chicks as her fertility diminishes. 😎

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I really hate the red pill.

"You can either understand women or love them"

Oh, how i wish for the days of equality and having an equal partner
... that was the stuff dreams were made of.

Then you take some red pills and realize that nothing of the sort exists, or even can exist.

Men and women are not equal. Complementary, maybe, but not equal.

Further, men are judged far more harshly on looks than women have even complained about. So, what you find after you swallowed some red pills is that there is a group of men who are completely left out. There is not a woman for every man. With husband-wife pairing gone, women form harems.

It is really interesting that, with red pill knowledge, much of what is said in the Bible becomes apparent as not just good rules to live by, but important iron-clad rules that you need to maintain if you want a society.

07.10.2019 15:12

It is a tough pill to swallow and I have thought a lot about if a man and a woman can have a pretty equal partnership that ends up being a healthy relationship and I want to say you can but oftentimes it is sort of a utopian concept partially because for instance if two attractive people who are attracted to each other who have common interests and money is not an object for either one of them because they are independently wealthy from some other means it could seemingly work.

Like if they just spend their time enjoying life and traveling and had kids ....etc and they didn't have the stresses of having to work or be financially stressed. Despite all that you can assume there would be some differences of opinion....etc and their perception could still be warped and they would "want more" when they seemingly have it all.

The cold reality is that most people are in this continual hamster wheel chasing the next dollar to survive and they are struggling to make it.

I feel our consumer impulses are a big reason for relationships often not working out more and more. Financial stress making the worst come out in people.

I really do think that 5% of men are starting to dominate the majority of attractive women and there is a huge segment of the population not getting any sexual gratification or if they do hook up with a woman it is an instant regret situation that is 10 times less gratifying than looking at porn.

I know a lot of guys cite bible verses and equate it to todays life but in my opinion a lot of the stuff was Anecdotal and very open ended so it could be interpreted in many different ways so people can point to it and say see......this is what is going wrong.

I honestly crack myself up with the red pill content and seeing other people talking about it. There are certainly a lot of patterns I have seen with women that are red flag after red flag.

The time alignment almost have to be perfect for people to come together and work towards a common goal together and then they both have to maintain a certain level of looks to keep the flame burning.....etc. It is tough for it to really line up.

For me I have realized that a woman has to have the right hip to waist ratio, be fit, hot, cool....etc It is tough to find the full combination for sure and then when you are both testing each other it can be a strange dance.

I have realized women are very flighty. Any woman who is an 8, 9, or 10 is desired by every man essentially. If a guy doesn't think a woman I rate as an 8 is attractive there is a very high possibility he is gay because I'm really concervative on the rankings to a point where there have really only been two woman that I have said "They are pretty much the closest thing to a 10 you can really get" but in reality I was still hesitant to give them a full 10.

07.10.2019 17:20

You make a good semantic point.

10 is top of the scale. It doesn't get higher, so in fact, no-one should be getting a 10 rating, unless they are actually walking perfection and just strolled out of the clouds one day to check out life in the mortal realm for a few years. Hand out 9 point whatevers if you like, but don't devalue the 10. It's like when people use the words 'awesome, epic, legendary, heroic' etc. It doesnt really mean so much anymore if you apply too freely.

07.10.2019 20:20

I agree.....don't devalue the 10. The NBA dunk contest has sort of devalued the 10 by using it too much. A lot of ridiculously hot girls fall between an 8 and a 9 on my very conservative Southern California scale.

07.10.2019 22:17