eToro Has Alec Baldwin Talking About Crypto In Promotional Ad

Well I guess some money is flowing back into crypto. I just saw this advertisement play before a video I was watching.

I'm not endorsing eToro's service. From what I understand you can track others trades and mirror their trades but the fact of the matter is short term traders are statistically display bad performance. Crypto is so volatile and a lot of moves are pretty unpredictable so it is my feeling that you should invest mainly in cryptos that have good fundamentals when everyone is crying about how they are quitting crypto and they are eating gallons of ice cream in their closet and then you sell when every non technical Joe Blow is wild eyed and throwing out buzz words like "Blockchain Technology" "Digital Revolution" "Crypto Trading" "DeFi"

That will be your signal to slowly walk out the back door and start talking profits.

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Saw this ad just yesterday. Any mention of crypto, especially by well known people is a good sign. Waiting patiently :)

01.11.2019 11:52

The flood will come again! Keep stacking!

01.11.2019 23:40