Are Guys Who Travel Creeps? (#passportgang)

People can do what they want but to me the ultimate alpha male can land hot women with his looks, humor, and attitude with no value exchange what so ever. Very few guys can pull this off and it actually brings up an entirely different question of if every woman is partially a gold digger in the first place. If you end up with a woman and spend $0 that is a sign that you have true game and that it wasn't in exchange for a meal or indirect payment.

What a lot of white knights and social justice warriors don't realize is that a true alpha male will actually treat a woman better overtime and be willing to spend more money on her after he determines she isn't a gold digger or a psychopath in training.

Traveling certainly opens up your eyes to a whole other world of possibilities and also puts you around other people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones. You start to realize that the value of living in most of the states in the United States just isn't there. Not only is the cost of living excessively high in comparison to these other countries but also a ton of people are in such a stressful hamster wheel grind that isn't good for their health and they are getting into road rage situations out on the highways for little to no benefit to themselves. They could actually live like kings in other parts of the world and not put up with the BS here. That being said it is hard to beat a state like California as far as experiences go but the cost of living out there will eat you alive.

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Good One a psychopath in training.

04.10.2019 19:47

Not to be confused with a full blown psychopath. Many fall into that category as well!

04.10.2019 22:21

Yes they do my Brother @brianphobos

04.10.2019 22:22