I Bought The Coin You Never Thought I Would 😱 (Magic Money Printer?)

In crypto we look for that project that will be like printing money. We have experienced it with very few projects. Last cycle the excitement on STEEM was unreal and with the Steem Backed Dollar going way above a dollar people caught some pretty insane rides! When I was looking at it I felt like I was going to be pumping content across these platforms anyways and with the STEEM Backed Dollar Breaking to the upside clear past $11 and the sell volume on exchanges being so low I couldn't resist. Now I have to overcome the price appreciation of 3 LTC and 5.6 ETH with the gains I make in STEEM to make it worth it. I have money working for me staking with Cardano, TRON, Zilliqa, EOS, DOT as well as CAKE, ETH, BNB, LTC out on the Binance Smart Chain.

I'm still going to be earning LEO, HIVE, DTC, STEEM, SBD, and TRX and possibly some other coins out on LBRY.

Do you guys think we should recruit Jerry Banfield to pump STEEM again? They guy can drive traffic that is for sure. He is an interesting guy that is for sure. Now he mainly plays video games shirtless.

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What happened to @Exyle, I remember reading his blogs daily and having me all pumped up for Steem!
Hopefully good Steem times coming again soon.. Price to $3! I hope...

28.02.2021 09:25

He probably got really depressed by everything that happened when the community split. He was always pumping money into STEEM like crazy. I felt like at the time it was kind of crazy because of where the prices were and various other things. But it looks like he still has STEEM power in this system.

28.02.2021 19:48

I followed your lead and threw a couple bucks into my account

01.03.2021 18:48

It's looking pretty pumpy and I have done the math on my vote. I think even before other people show back up that I can get $20 / day out of here with the way the STEEM Dollar is currently. Doesn't sound like a ton but then couple that with STEEM price appreciation. I'm actually going to stop my power down right now and wait a few days to start it again because i'm paritally missing out on that power. I'm looking at this more as a 1 month thing but then if the pump continues I should be able to get my investment out and then keep generating money out of here with the rest of the investment. That's the plan.

01.03.2021 21:49